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March 1997 Issue

PlayStation Saturn

C and C Consoles Itself on Saturn and PlayStation

  • Size: 2 CD-ROMs
  • Style: 1-Player Real-Time Strategy
  • Special Features: Play as Nod or GDI Forces, Build Baes and Units, New Units and Buildings as Game Progresses, Team Selecting, Special Commands (Forced Attack and Move, Scatter, Stop, Guard), Password Save, Tons of FMV, Special Ops Levels
  • Created by: Westwood Studios for Virgin Interactive
  • Available: Now for Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation

With its amazing real-time strategy engine, excellent musical score, and units that were just too much fun, Command & Conquer took the PC strategy market by storm. Now it's here for the consoles in good form.

The standard C&C mission consists of constructing a base while defending it from enemy attacks, building up a large assault force, and wiping the enemy from the face of the map. Usually there is some kind of trick to the mission in which players will need to take advantage of a new or special unit. On occasion there will be special missions in which players will receive a limited number of units and are forced to depend upon their wits and strategy to prevail.

At the beginning of the game, players can take on the role of GDI, the guardians of the free world, or Nod, a huge multinational terrorist organization. GDI has an obvious advantage in its heavily armored vehicles, whereas Nod will need to take advantage of sneaky units like the stealth tank and capitalize on their superior base defenses.

Between missions, FMV clips feature cool combat scenes and mission briefings that help to illustrate both the plot and the task at hand.

Fans of the PC version of C&C considering a console purchase will be pleased to know that the missions and units are virtually identical to the PC; the FMV is actually a bit sharper, and the special moves are still intact. The biggest differences we could see were the lack of multi-player options and the inability to save during a mission. Other than that, it's all there for console owners to Command & Conquer to their hearts desire.

Andy, The Game Hombre

                     PS-X     SS
   Concept:          9.5      9.5
   Graphics:         8.75     8.75
   Sound:            9.0      9.0
   Playability:      8.0      8.0
   Entertainment:    9.5      9.5
   OVERALL:          9.0      9.0
"Plain and simple, C&C is one of the greatest games of all time. You get to build stuff, annihilate your enemies, conquer the world as either the good guys or the bad guys, all from the comfort of your living room. Of course, the best way to play C&C is on the PC, but if that is not an option, then either of these versions will more than entertain. My only complaints with the console versions are that the control is rather clumsy without a keyboard and you can't save mid-level, but otherwise it's a fantastic port of an outstanding game. Plus, it has a killer techno soundtrack."

Reiner, The Raging Gamer

                     PS-X     SS
   Concept:          9.25     9.25
   Graphics:         8.25     8.25
   Sound:            8.75     8.75
   Playability:      9.25     9.25
   Entertainment:    9.0      9.0
   OVERALL:          9.0      9.0
"I'm fairly disappointed that Sega and Westwood Studios didn't follow through on their promise to make C&C one of the first NetLink titles, but all in all, you can't complain about this near flawless PC port. The real-time combat excitement has been captured perfectly on both consoles, and while the graphics are a tad small and fuzzy (since the consoles don't have high res), I think you won't have any problems with C&C. To this date, console gamers have only had access to turn-based war sims, and hopefully, this impressive port is only the first drip of real-time rain to fall onto the console machines."

Jon, The Greedy Gamer

                     PS-X     SS
   Concept:          9.25     9.25
   Graphics:         8.5      8.5
   Sound:            8.75     8.75
   Playability:      8.25     8.25
   Entertainment:    9.0      9.0
   OVERALL:          8.75     8.75
"C&C has been my curse. Waking up at 4:00 A.M. to a roommate's shouting, watching my associates as they filter into the office blurry-eyed and sleepless, I know they are all the walking wounded, more casualties of the life-consuming world of C&C. Now, a whole new generation of console gamers can surrender themselves to this horror. Perhaps the perfect blend of action and strategy, there's nothing better than commanding an ever expanding army as it sweeps across the battlefield. The two-games-in-one offers a lot for the money, making this game an excellent addition to any PlayStation or Saturn library."

The Bottom Line:

PlayStation: 9
Saturn: 9

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