Network XXIII Information

This is the first game from Network XXIII. It is quite old now but very fast and difficult, requiring lightning reactions. You play the role of the last fighter pilot remaining and must protect a convoy of HUGE spaceships from 32 waves of attacking aliens.

It requires 1Mb of ram and RiscOS 2 or higher, but as it uses some minor video trickery, it will not work on VIDC2 machines without a software VIDC patch.

The best tactic is to play defensively, sacrificing all but one or two domes.

There are also several 'Cheats' which can be entered via the last line of the highscore table

eg: enter '[/]' to start on level 8!

Another cheat provide extra lives (entering a pac-man, 8 dots and a ghost)

Look out for a rubber plant on level 12 which flys along the bottom of the convoy; its worth 9999 points and an extra life if you shoot it!

This game has been reviewed in:

Archimedes World, October 1991
Games X, 25-31 July 1991

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