April 11, 1999

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Freeware Version 2.6.9c

Database, PIM, Outline Text-editor.

TreePad is easy!
You can see this program as very intuitive database program, outline text editor and Information Manager. The usual database programs are not good at storing unstructured information, TreePad excells at this! It lets you define and impose your own structure.


All e-mails, notes, texts and other information can be stored in an "information tree". You can define the shape of this tree yourself. Now you will never lose your notes again!

Usage and installation
This program is free and runs on Windows 95, 98 and NT. It is small in size (only a few 100Kb) and does not require any complicated install procedures, drivers, system files or dlls. It will even run directly from floppy - including database. This is extremely useful if you wish to access your notes on other computers as well. E.g. you can access the same notes/data at the office, at home, on your portable, etc.

TreePad is powerful
TreePad is able to store tens of thousands of notes. Each note can contain one million characters. Notes can be linked to other notes using hyperlinking. A TreePad data file can contain many megabytes of data. You can create and use any number of different data files as you want. This means that the capacity of storing notes is only limited by the size of your harddisk! An internal search engine is included to find any data item within one file immediately.

Download TreePad here!

TreePad saves disk space
Storing data in TreePad will even save space on your harddisk! Many smaller files take up more space as one larger file consisting of those same pieces of information. This has a technical reason having to do with the size of the smallest possible unit of storage on a harddisk.

TreePad can export trees and texts both as .HTML and .txt files. Option for multi-user access and database distribution through write-protection.

More features
TreePad supports most languages, like English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic. It also has extended search, hyperlink, print and sort functions. The program can be minimized to the system-tray and has a flexible and customizable toolbar system.

Download TreePad here!

Utilies, templates
Specialized functions/utilities/templates for TreePad, like calendar, diary, log, task-manager, PIM, bible study aid, etc. are available for download here.

Data files
Useful information, reference data, knowledge bases in TreePad format can be found here. Note: currently only a limited amount of items is available.

About TreePad
Treepad has been created by
Henk Hagedoorn
Freebyte Software Engineering
and is continously updated and improved.


Conditions of use
You can use this program free of charge in any commercial or non-commercial setting. You can only distribute this program if you don't charge any money for the program itself. You only can distribute it if you do not change the files. For other arrangements, mail the author.