Tales of the X

X-Files Fanfiction by Sarah Kiley

The Complications Trilogy

Fate catches up with Mulder and Scully, and their mysterious conterparts . . .

Second Chances
Mulder learns true love exists, while Scully toils over her decision to marry Tyler. All characters meet some old friends and make some new ones.

Last Dance
Sometimes you must come full circle to find the truth.

Epilogue: 12/31/99
It's the last day of the century- could the right timing be everything Mulder and Scully have been missing?

Thirteen by Kristi
A fanfic of a fanfic. This is a story written by Kristi that takes place during Last Dance. An "alternate reality".. And if you hated the way my "realities" ended, you'll probably like hers.


I Hate Fanfic (1/1) NC-17
After three years of neglect, Mulder takes matters into his own hands.

Guilty By Love
Margaret brings her daughter and Fox Mulder on the Ricki Lake Show, with surprising results . . .

All the Little Pieces She Left
Scully's death leaves questions unanswered and Mulder must come to terms with her demise as he tries to understand why.

Skinner Is Not Bigfoot
Written with Amaris E Squared. M&S; search for bigfoot, and find themselves in a lot of trouble (inspired by our real-life camping trip to the Adirondacks!)

Chris Carter's Nightmare
Chris Carter is going to regret leaving the show after the fifth season . . .

A Dog's Life
An ode to Queequeg.

Building Conspiracies
A Filk of Building A Mystery by Sarah McLachlan

Easy AXess
A post-Jose Chung story. Nothing is what it seems.

A Rift story explaining what happened to M&S; between Apocrypha and Pusher to promote such a huge change.

Conquering the Demons
Scully helps Mulder face the monsters that plague him after "Grotesque".

Scally's Situation
What would Scully think of the X-Files Phenomenon?

Black Jeans
Sequel to Allicia Donovan's "Red Suit". Mulder and Scully have an argument . . . sort of.

Red Suit by Allicia Donovan

End of Her Pirate Days
Scully lets her fear get the better of her and it destroys her. Tissue Warning- Character Dies.

Stay With Me
A post-spoilers, pre-episode TFWID story. Mulder thought the answers were in his past. Maybe he went back too far . . .

Time to Face the Music
Skinner reflects on Mulder and Scully's relationship. Post-Terma.

And the Band Played "Send in the Clowns"
Fifteen ways TTFTM could have ended.

Mulder realizes he's one half, not one third.

One Hour Left

On his deathbed, Pendrell reflects on how the past nine days have changed his life. Pendrell/Penny story.

A Mother's Right
Margaret Scully will do anything for love.

Mulder left Scully years ago, but now he's returned and he wants her to come with him.


Why Cancerman And Mulder Aren't So Different
An essay written just after 'Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man' aired.

If 'Come the Night' Was Done By X-Files Characters
Me and my best friend Amaris's list of who would play who if our favorite romance novel, Come the Night by Christina Skye was done by X-Files characters. Humorous.

Top Ten Things I Thought About While Watching 'Never Again'
Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Humorous.

MiSTing of Demons --NEW!
What if Mike, Tom & Crow were forced to watch 'Demons'? XF/MST3K crossover.

The Missing Word Series

A romantic adventure with a hint of an X-File and a touch of humor.

****, the Missing Word 1
WW 3 breaks out, pushing M&S; farther away. . . or closer together?

L***, the Missing Word 2
Mulder has a spooky encounteras he tries to figure out what now stands between him and Dana.

LO**, the Missing Word 3
Mulder and Scully rendouzvous in Italy.

LOV*, the Missing Word 4
Scully learns her friend is pregnant while Mulder infiltrates a Japanese camp on Miyake-Jima. Skinner has a showdown with Cancerman.

LOVE, the Missing Word 5
Mulder is taken prisoner, and only Scully through use of their mysterious new link, can save him.

The Found Word: 07/04/00
The War is over, but for Mulder and Scully, life is just beginning . . .

Love, The Missing Word Series 1-6 Compiled.

Songs of the X Series

A humorous romantic series featuring Zora and Al from the Complications Trilogy. It starts with Mulder and Scully getting arrested for indecent exposure because Frohike decides in a drunken haze to serenade her to Star Me Kitten and well . . things get worse from there . . .

Songs of the X 01: Star Kitten

Songs of the X 02: Thanks A Lot

Songs of the X 03: On the Outside, or On the In?

Songs of the X 04: Mulder and Scully Say Good-Bye

Songs of the X 05: Man of Aluminum, Woman of Steel

Songs of the X 06: My Illuminated Life

Jubilee Series

A dramatic romance with an X-File mixed in with part five. After once again healing Mulder's emotional scars, Scully comes to a decision that changes both of their lives forever.

Jubilee 1: I Can Tell By The Way You're Walking

Jubilee 2: The Past Isn't Letting You Go

Jubilee 3: Their Doubts and Their Fears

Jubilee 4: Interlude

Jubilee 5: Frail Boats on the Sea

Jubilee 6: Home is Right Here

Jubilee Series 1- 6 Compiled

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