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4/30: LdrawVR status: The converter now works for Type 2,3 and 4 lines. With a suitable inlining program that removes Type 1 lines by merging them, ldrawVR could generate complete models! I'll check it with LDAO's inliner, and then release the code.

4/27: Progress in handling Type 1 lines: VRML does not take 3x3 transform matricies, but rather takes a rotation followed by a scale followed by a rotation. This is just as general, and can handle scales, shears, and rotations. I've figured out the math, and am in the process of compiling the NetLib math libraries to use a Singular Valued Decomposition approach to factoring the 3x3 matrix into the corresponding VRML elements.

Announcing the start of the LdrawVR project to convert Ldraw files to VRML objects.

FreedomVR models of the Jade Sphere Outpost and L3 Macrostructure. FreedomVR is a java applet that lets you rotate models around. Look here.

The instruction sheets and images for the Jade Sphere Outpost finally have been posted. look here for my most complex image to date, and some swell looking instruction sheets (IMHO).

The Darksun Universe web pages have been revamped. The Darksun Homepage is a good starting point, and make sure you stop in to see the Tron Overlord Government's Home Page.

New Grav-Tank images, taken with my Epson 600PC digital camera. Look here.

L3G0 version 9 will have LDRAW support. Send email if you are interested in a DAT->RAY converter program. Here is an example, a rendering of the LDRAW car done with L3G0 and my wireframe version of Netshade.

L3G0 DOOM WAD Release

I have released my minifig and bricks graphics WAD for DOOM 2. Download L3G0 DOOM.

Wire-frame-ish LDraw-ish Ray-tracings

The program LDraw lets people create classic looking instruction sheets which are easy to read. I've been working on getting Rayshade to produce images like that, since sometimes the "realistic" shading makes it hard to see where the pieces went. Take a look at these and let me know what you think.

Dark Sun: L3G0

The Dark Sun campaign page for Renegade Bricks is allowing visitors. Follow the link for the Ivory Sphere to get access to the source, online catalog and documentation for L3G0 version 8.

Over 750k of source code with 366 parts modeled.

Welcome to the L3G0 Universe

Welcome to (Paul Gyugyi's) L3G0 page. This page is devoted to computerized drawing and animation of building blocks, such as LEGO (R) brand building bricks. (LEGO (R) is a trademark of INTERLEGO AG) Feel free to mail me at paul@gyugyi.com with any comments, especially if you have a link to add or CAD topics related to LEGO(R) bricks. Thanks!


Disclaimer: If you think these are official LEGO models, you are wrong. They are my own designs (and where indicated, other people's designs from the net).

Images organized by theme

The L3G0 Tool Set

Check out my tools page to find out how to make these images. Look there for support for other CAD systems as well.

Other L3G0 users

POV Port of L3G0

Filip (spacek@geocities.com) has developed a rayshade-to-POV converter and has processed the L3G0 library. This may be the key, enabling technology for those of you who want to use POV and/or Windows. It may also reveal key, enabling reasons why I chose to use Rayshade and Linux :). Regardless, it is a major technical achievement, so check out http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Park/6522.

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