Rick and Lesley 1977
Finally, Rick convinced
Lesley to marry him
After Jeff's near-tragic bullet to the brain, Rick realized he must break off with Monica. Still, Monica refused to accept that they would never be together. Jeff recovered and reconciled with Monica, but was shocked to discover that Heather was carrying his child.

The news of Jeff and Monica's reconciliation crushed Heather, who faked a suicide attempt to try and win Jeff's affections. Heather's efforts were all for naught. Once she detected that Jeff still wouldn't leave Monica, she ordered him to leave her alone. Heather had plans for her baby -- plans that would net her a fortune! Heather revealed her scheme to her mother: she wouldn't abort her unborn child, as Jeff wanted, but she would have the baby and sell it to Diana and Peter, and take the money to make a new life for herself. The Taylors wanted another child. They tried to adopt -- but their plans to bring foster son, Mike into their family was thwarted when Diana's past involvement with the late Phil Brewer came to light. Diana desperately wanted a brother or sister for her daughter, Martha, and found herself tempted when Heather offered her baby in exchange for 10,000 dollars in cash.

Meanwhile, Rick became even closer to Lesley as he helped her find Laura. Laura (now played by teenager Genie Francis) was not the naive girl she'd been before. She had recently been dragged away from a commune by Barbara Vining. The last thing she wanted to do was live with Lesley again. Lesley, hoping for a joyous reunion with her daughter, was crushed by Laura's attitude.

At home with her real mother, Laura tried to come to grips with the confused emotions that had led her to distrust all "adults." At the bottom, Laura came to realize that her communal experience was spawned by a feeling that Lesley no longer cared about her. It was Rick who once again got through to Laura, making her see that she was truly loved, both by Lesley and her adopted mother, Barbara Vining. Lesley was deeply touched with Rick's effort, but staggered when he declared his love with a proposal of marriage! Caught off guard, Lesley admitted she loved him too -- but wondered if perhaps he was not confusing love for her with his desire to do "something constructive" with his life after Jeff's near-tragedy.

"If you think I'm asking you to be my wife just to regain my self-respect -- I'm not!" Lesley's attitude infuriated Rick, who stormed out. In a short time, Rick and Lesley mended fences, and Lesley agreed to become "Mrs. Rick Webber."

Monica, shaken by the news that Rick had asked Lesley to marry him, finally did what she had long feared to do. She asked Jeff for a divorce! On the rebound, Jeff asked Heather to marry him, but recanted his proposal when Heather's ex-husband Larry Joe told Jeff of her many deceptions. Rick was able to convince Lesley that they belonged together, and in a quietly glorious ceremony held in a ski lodge, Lesley and Rick became man and wife!

Laura and Scotty
Scotty Baldwin became
instantly captivated
by young
Laura Webber.
The path to happiness was more difficult to cross for star-crossed lovers Terri Arnett and Dr. Mark Dante. Mary-Ellen Dante, newly released from Lakecliff Sanitarium, resolved to destroy their union -- and that meant destroying Terri! And she had a plan: Mary-Ellen arranged with her chauffeur, Lenny, to fix the brakes on Terri's car so she would crash. At General Hospital, Mark Dante performed heroic surgery to save Terri's life. Awaking from her coma, at first Terri could remember nothing about her confrontation with Mary-Ellen. Eventually, the memories came flooding back. Desperate, Mary-Ellen slashed her wrists. Eventually, Mary-Ellen's mental illness resurfaced in total, and she sank back into catatonia. But it was too late for Mark and Terri to have a future together. Seeking a new start, Terri moved to Los Angeles to resume her singing career.

After the birth of her baby, Steven Lars, Heather took $500 of Jeff's money and fled to New York City -- the Big Apple -- where she hoped to fulfill her grand dreams of a fabulous modeling career! Her landlady, Mrs. Hadley, arranged for the Taylors to adopt her baby - without knowing that Heather was the mother. After Mrs. Hadley and the lawyer took their cut, Heather was left with only $1800 of the $10,000 -- not even enough for her to establish herself in Hollywood. Heather couldn't bring herself to reveal the real story of Steven Lars. Instead, she told the inexcusable lie that the child had died. Touched by her story, Jeff proposed to Heather. Once back home, the newly engaged Heather began to spend considerable time with the Taylor's and "Peter, Jr."

In 1977, Audrey Hardy was engaged in a custody fight with the back-from-the-dead Tom Baldwin. Tom begged Audrey not to divorce him. "I'm still in love with you," he pleaded with a conflicted Audrey who ultimately refused Tom's demands to resurrect their marriage. After Tommy ran away, Tom agreed to give Audrey her divorce. The autumn of 1977 brought a new marriage and new joy to Steve and Audrey -- their family crisis was finally over. Still, there were more surprises to come!

Lee Baldwin returned to town in 1977 after his wife died in an accident. Lee found comfort in long, warm and platonic evenings with Gail. Lee and Gail were good company for each other. Sensing his devastation, Gail secretly contacted Scotty Baldwin, Lee's stepson, urging the young law student to get in touch with the only father he'd ever known. Scotty had left Port Charles several years earlier and was now living in New York's Greenwich Village. Gail's mission worked when Scotty showed up in town. She smiled with satisfaction as father and son reunited. Scotty, agreeing to join the "establishment," accepted a clerking job at General Hospital, where he met and became instantly captivated by young Laura Webber.

Another crisis was about to devastate the city of Port Charles. During the first week of September 1977, Port Charles was hit by a catastrophic hurricane, wreaking havoc and causing a series of dramatic events to unfold. Laura and Scotty, en route to a rock concert, were caught in the storm and forced to seek refuge in a storage shed. Little Martha Taylor died in a car accident. The loss shattered Diana.

The paralyzed David Hamilton (a former college roommate of Rick's, now a down on his luck artist) was admitted to General Hospital. David wallowed in his pity when informed that the bodies of his wife and children had been discovered in the wreckage of their house. David's paralysis puzzled the General Hospital doctors, who could find no physiological basis for his inability to walk. After several weeks, David was released from the hospital and he gratefully accepted his pal, Rick's offer to move into the Webber house to recuperate. In time, Lesley couldn't help but notice that there was something strange about David Hamilton.

Laura didn't feel the same way -- she adored David! The maturing girl and the older man struck up an instant friendship, one that troubled Lesley Webber. Laura was experiencing severe "growing pains" which had caused her relationship with Lesley to become cold and distant -- not at all like the cozy rapport she'd established with Monica and David. From the moment Laura returned to Port Charles, she rebelled against her mother's rules and edicts.

Lesley became especially upset when she correctly suspected that Laura and Scotty's relationship had become a romantic one. And David began to take an unusual interest in Laura, too. Like Lesley, Scotty Baldwin took notice of Laura's fascination with David Hamilton. In fact, Scotty caught Laura in several lies -- all having to do with her handsome houseguest.

Steve Hardy contacted Dr. Alan Quartermaine of the Hardwick Foundation to handle the funding of the new cardiac wing. Monica's head turned when she set her eyes on the tall and handsome financier/doctor. The son of wealthy and influential Lila and Edward Quartermaine, Alan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Alan found Monica appealing and she was certainly attracted to him, but she found his evaluations on the project not at all to her liking. "You're pigheaded!" she told him after just a few weeks of close contact. The war had begun!

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