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This list does not include empty directories or directories containing only "useless" files. Also unlisted are sites containing only the comp.sys.apple2 FAQ and sites having only Apple II emulators for other computers (the latter are unlisted mostly because I haven't gotten around to inspecting the sites yet).

A couple of Apple II "pirate" sites have been intentionally omitted from this list.

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Table of Contents

Main FTP Sites
The Big Six
Smaller Sites

Newsgroup Archives

Other FTP Sites
Kermit-only sites
Apple III (yes, Apple III) files

E-mail resources
Apple II-related e-mail servers
Generic FTP-by-mail servers

Apple II-related web pages

Appendix A: IP Numbers
Appendix B: Latest changes

The Big Six
All the shareware, freeware, & PD ware you could possibly want (/archive/apple2) (/Zocalo/pub/apple2) (LISTSERV.193) (/pub/appleII) (/apple2) (/systems/apple2, /usenet/comp.binaries.apple2)
The best two archives are probably and

Note: If is too busy, try telnetting to it instead. Downloads via telnet don't always work terribly well, though.

Smaller Sites (/pub/apple2gs) (gmail) (/pub/apple2) (HyperC, a few other things) (/dts/aii) (sys software, tech notes) (/pub/user/ace) (a few files, mostly music-related) (/gifstuff/apple) (some Apple GIF programs) (/pub/mfv) (METAL & FutureVision BBS stuff) (/gopher/software/APPLE) (mostly educational progs) (/pub/Frontends/apple2) (GEnie front ends) (/if-archive/infocom/interpreters/appleII) (Infocom) (/if-archive/games/appleII) (Eamon archive) (/Apple.Support.Area/Apple.Software.Updates/Apple.II) (/systems/gno - GNO utils, /systems/apple2/caltech - mirror of (/users/c/clay1) (sw by Clayburn W. Juniel, III) (/pub/apple2) (assorted things) (/users/nlayton) (Warp6 BBS) (/pub/nathan) (software by Nathan Mates) (/pub/apple2) (various things) (/users/sar) (stuff by Michael Hackett) (/users/markhj01) (stuff collected by Jeff Markham) (/pub/procyon, /pub/sequential, pub/ego) (/pub) (all sorts of stuff) (/pub/IIgs) (some German Apple IIgs stuff) (/Q/pub/apple2) (Ron Kneusel's FTP site) (/pub/hamradio/apple2) (ham radio stuff?) (/pub/apple2) (GNO utils and info) (/apple2) (GScii) (/Instructional.Materials/Software/Apple.II) (space) (/pub/metal) (Metal BBS stuff) (/pub) (all sorts of stuff... same as ghostwheel?)

Archives of comp.sources.apple2 (/ftp/jac/comp.sources.apple2) (official!) (/usenet/comp.sources.apple2) (official!)

Archives of comp.sys.apple2/INFO-APPLE (/list-archives/1989) (1989 only)

Archives of comp.sys.apple2.gno (/pub/procyon) (since April 1995 only)

Note: For searchable archives of any Apple II newsgroup (or any other USENET newsgroup), check out

Kermit-only archives (/kermit/a) (the OFFICIAL source for Kermit) (APPLEII-KERMIT) (includes new v3.88 stuff) (KER*MIT) (/software/kermit/appleII) (an old version)

Apple III (yes, Apple III) files (/pub/apple3)

Apple II-related e-mail servers (BITNET: LISTSERV@BROWNVM) (APPLE2-L archives) (BITNET: LISTSERV@UTARLVM1) (games from APPLE2-L) (BITNET: FILESERV@PLAINS) (lotsa stuff) (no BITNET address) (various things)

Generic FTP-by-email servers


Apple II-related WWW pages

gopher:// (GEnie gopher server) (Stuart Midgley's home page) (Jörg Heitkötter's home page, US site) (Web access to caltech FTP archive) (Michael Quattrocchi's home page) (Neil Parker's home page) (Jay Krell's home page) (Bill Scheffler's home page) (Auri Rahimzadeh's home page) (MC Computers--A2 stuff for sale) (Artur Jasowicz's home page) (Jerry Kindall's home page) ( search engine) (Axel Bauer's A2 game screen shots) (Ron Kneusel's home page) (Applied Engineering, Down Under) (Ben Johnson's home page) (Creative Solutions' home page) (Michael J. Mahon's home page) (Apple Blossom newsletter page) (Charles Turley's home page) (B&R Computer Services home page) (Software & More's home page) (has some A2 usergroup info)][ (a few A2 programs) (Damon Isaacson's home page) (Ed Olson's home page) (James Sanford's old home page) (Ewen Wannop's home page) (Brian Wells' home page) (Clark Stiles's home page) (Paul [or Dan?] Krass's home page) (Harold Hislop's home page) (Darren Johnson's A2 files) (GenieLamp A2 home page) (Shinya Nagashima's home page) (Kenrick Mock's home page) (Nibeck&Assoc. home page - A2 parts) (Charles Plater's home page) (Jörg Heitkötter's home page, German site) (GC EduNET A2 mailing list info) (space-related stuff from NASA) (Doede Boomsma's home page) (Edward Floden's "garage sale" page) (David Kerwood's home page) (///SHH Systeme's page) (Donald Lee's home page) (Richard Wifall's home page) (Soenke Behrens's home page) (Apple II educational software and A2 software for the disabled) (Apple Users' Society of Melbourne) (Alltech Electronics home page) (AlphaSmart keyboard info) (Kula Software's home page) (Tony Morales's home page) (John D. Baker's home page) (Daniel Zimmerman's home page) (some downloadable A2 files) (Tony Cianfaglione's home page) (Nova Scotia Apple Users' Group) (Josef W. Wankerl's home page, & GS+) (The_Keeper's home page) (Eric Shepherd's home page) (Shareware Solutions II home page) (Gravenstein Apple Users Group) (Marek Kozubal's home page) (Applebyters UG home page) (Christer Ericson's home page) (Randy Rouch's home page) ("Chris, Mark, & Terry's A2 page") (Shane Zatezalo's home page) (Adrian Whichello's home page) (Jason Jeffries's home page) (Winnepeg A2 User Group home page) (Mike McGovern's home page) (Derek Taubert's home page) (Carolina Apple Core home page) ('s home page) (Rolf Braun's home page, Sassy Software) (Treasure Chest Project mirror) (Peter Liethen's home page) (Charles Turley's home page) (Adrian Vance, AV Systems) ("Edhel Iaur's" home page) (Global SchoolNet's FrEdMail page) (Phil Shapiro's home page) (Greg Cifu's Apple Museum) (Paul Dunkel's mouse conversion docs) (AV Systems home page) (Byteworks home page) (Procyon home page) (Digisoft home page) (EGO Systems home page) (Tony Diaz's home page) (Brian Wells' home page) (Ideas From The Deep - Lane Roath) (Ninjaforce home page) (Charles Hartley's home page) (Miles Fudge's home page) (Brian Tao's home page) (Video Game Advantage) (InTrec home page) (Apple Computer) (Dave Roberts' home page) (David Ong's home page) (Apple Cat Modem page) (Ryan Suenaga's home page) (Kitchen Sink Software's home page) (Comments from an early A2 designer) (Matt Portune's home page) (Lost Gonzo BBS, has A2 area) (Eamon adventure page) ("Fast Eddie" IIGS emulator page) (Penguin Software stuff) (Daniel Webster's home page) (Moxie's home page) (Jeff Robertson's home page) (Will Baguhn's home page) (Herbert Fung's A2 page) (Jonathan A. Chandross, c.srcs.a2) (Richard Bennett's home page) (Helge Malmgren's home page) (Richard Kilpatrick's A2 page) (Ben Bendele Enterprises) (KansatFest 96 info) (Clayburn W. Juniel's home page) (Jeanne Chappell's home page) (Quality Computers home page) (Ken Treadway's home page) (Avi Drissman's home page) (Noah Mittman's home page) (Sequential Systems home page) (Seven Hills Software's home page) (Shreve Systems' page) (Vic's Associated Enterprises) (Brian Uhreen's home page) (Peter Handel's home page) (Sun Remarketing's WWW site) (Gabe Sanchez's home page) (Apple Computer) (Andre Horstmann's home page) (A2Web) (Willie Yeo's Treasure Chest Project) (Philip Williams's home page) (Chuck Gee's stuff for sale) (Roger Hanthorn's home page) (Neal Layton's home page) (Larry Virden's home page) (Geoff Weiss's home page) (Steve Jensen's home page) (Green Technology's home page) (Garrett Meiers's home page) (Nathan Mates's home page) (Washington Apple Pi) (Jack Freiss's A2 Email project) (AV Systems) (WestCode Software's home page) (Mike Horwath's home page) (Ian Schmidt's home page) (James Sanford's new home page) (GS/TCP home page) (DSR home page) (David Miller's home page) (Dustin James's home page)

Appendix A: IP Numbers
(as of September 2, 1996)

Since some people are forced to connect to the network through services that provide incomplete or buggy name servers that can't translate the above machine names, here are their numeric IP addresses. Don't use these numbers unless you don't have any choice--they're likely to change at any moment without warning.                                                                                                   Unknown host                                                                                             Unknown host                                  No address associated with name         

Appendix B: Latest changes

1996/9/1: changed Rolf Braun's email and WWW addresses
1996/9/2: updated FTP entry for
          updated Sequential Systems WWW address
          added Phil Shapiro's home page (
1996/9/3: udpated David Ong Tat-Wee's home page
1996/9/7: added David Miller's home page
          added Jörg Heitkötter's home pages
1996/9/13: added Eamon archive at
1996/9/18: added Richard Bennett's home page
1996/9/22: updated Rolf Braun's home page
1996/9/26: added Brian Wells's page
1996/10/3: removed comp.sources.apple2 references
1996/10/19: added "Edhel Iaur's" home page
1996/10/20: added FTP site
            added Video Game Advantage page
1996/10/23: added Tony Diaz's home page
1996/10/28: added Artur Jasowicz's home page
1996/10/31: added Eric Floden's page
1996/11/15: added Lazerus I. Long's page
1996/11/19: added Seven Hills Software's page
1996/12/19: added Jack Freiss, Penguin Software, Carolina Apple Core, Adrian
            Vance, Jeff Markham
1996/12/22: revised Soenke Behrens's home page
1996/12/23: added Ninjaforce's page
1997/1/11: Added Ryan Suenaga, Brian Wells, Harold Hislop, Ewen Wannop,
           Michael Hackett's FTP
1997/1/15: Added Software & More, Greg Cifu
1997/1/17: added Paul Dunkel
1997/1/21: added Alphasmart
1997/1/31: added Adrian Whichello,
1997/2/18: changed Gabe Sanchez
1997/2/25: added new Charles Turley, Fast Eddie, Peter Liethen, MC Computers
           deleted old Charles Turley & everything underneath
           changed Ben Bendele Enterpreises
1997/3/2:  added new Charles Turley, "Edhel Iaur"
1997/3/8:  added Doede Boomsma, Clark Stiles, Jeff Robertson
1997/3/9:  added Michael J. Mahon
1997/3/11: changed DSR
1997/3/18: added Apple Cat, Willie Yeo, Adrian Vance
1997/3/21: added Creative Solutions
1997/4/17: added Paul Krass, Philip Williams
1997/4/18: moved Derek Taubert
1997/4/22: added A2-Web, Green Technology
1997/4/25: added Brian Uhreen, Treasure Chest Project mirror, Ben Johnson
1997/4/28: changed Seven Hills
1997/5/13: changed Eric Floden to Edward Floden
1997/5/22: added Kula Software
1997/5/27: added Lost Gonzo BBS
1997/5/28: removed Moxie, old 1WSW
1997/6/12: added another AV Systems
1997/6/27: added GenieLamp A2
1997/6/29: added B&R Computer Services
1997/7/24: added Vic's Associated Enterprises
1997/7/30: changed Metal/FV ftp site address, Shane Zatezalo
      -> ftp.ecaetc.../pub/mfv
      -> www.ecaetc...
           added Iverson Software