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I was born. But, you mustn't ask a lady her age, all right? I'm from a family with long history in Souli, Epeiros, and very proud of it... I finished Arsakion High School, I graduated Vet faculty of the Aristotelian University of Salonica, but...I 'd always wanted to be a journalist. So, that's what I do for a living. I travel a lot.

Being the war and foreign affairs correspondant for Radio-Salonica, the biggest one in Northern Greece, I had the opportunity to go to places were life shows its real face.Yougoslavia,Bosnia,Armenia, ex-USSR, Egypt and Israel the days of Desert Storm...But I 've also been in most of Europe, in Cuba, in Morocco...So, I get paid to travel, and that's what I like about my job. I 'm in love with Romiosini, the Universal Ecumenical Eastern Roman Spirit. I think I know where I come from, so, it's easy for me to know where I want to go, which future I want to be a part of.

As you can see I learned some English in my youth... Y yo hablo Espanol tabien, amigos...

Writing? Well, I often work as a free lancer for newspapers and magazines. After all I started as one for HXOS & Hi-Fi (the days of Argiris Zilos, I m proud to add) and then I worked for Kathimerini, 4T aka 4 Wheels, Chaos, Video Inn, Exit, JAZZ & jazz...

With my friend George I write every Thursday about the Net in Thessaloniki, one of the two major newspapers in Macedonia. And, I often write to the greek net lists, but, that's another story...

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Lamprini C. Thoma

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