This program was written in Visual Basic 3.0 and requires Windows 3.1 or higher, and VBRUN300.DLL to run, and PKUNZIP or WinZip to install.


Thanks to John Tkalcich, I now have a copy of the source code to this program again!

For those of you who have used my treasure generator, you know that it had some bugs in it. (See below for specifics.) I hadn't fixed these simple bugs before since I lost the source code to THG in a hard drive crash. BUT, that's changed now.

So, if you've used the Treasure Hoard Generator, and you have a suggestion for it's improvement, please e-mail me with that suggestion!

Click here to see a list of suggestions that have been made so far.

Being a Dungeon Master of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, I have created a utility for the creation of treasure hoards quickly and easily. Download the .zip file and copy it into its own directory. Unzip that file. From there, create a new icon in your program manager that points to TREASURE.EXE in this directory you created. Double-click this new icon to run the treasure hoard generator. The README.WRI file included in the .zip file gives you more specific information about the program and how to use it.

THG user Guillaume Brial (aka Myllonn) has translated the subtables into French! If you want to have your items listed in French, click here to download the zip file of SBTs. He also translated the buttons and other text within the THG, but unfortunately, I haven't had the time to make those changes. When I do, you'll see it here. Look at Myllonn's RPG association's web page "Other-Planes".

New: THG user Greg created a set of subtables that he describes as "an expansion of the origional tables with different holy and unholy symbols (and Names of Gods and Goddesses), different styles of statues, and fifty or so different herbs." Click here to download.

If you have made some additions to the SBT files in your use of the treasure hoard generator, such as more fully described items, expanded lists and so on, please let me know and I'll make the SBT files available in this space.

Treasure Hoard Generator version 2.0: I was able to find a usable version of THG 2.0 and have resumed work on this huge project. Watch this site for updates!

What does this software do?

This program allows you to select the type of treasure you would like to generate. Treasure types correspond with those used in the Dungeon Master's Guide (A-Z). It also has the ability to combine treasure types (like "HST") as well as have multiples of a treasure type (like "Hx3"). A custom treasure type is also available.

Features of the program include:

What does the program look like?

Take a look at these screen shots to see how easy the Treasure Hoard Generator is to use:

There are some bugs in the program that I know about, that I plan to fix in future releases. They are:

If you find any other bugs, or you have any suggestions for improvement of this program, please let me know so the next release can be better!
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