Rod Ferrell as SON OF SONDRA
Rod Ferrell as SON OF SONDRA
Rod Ferrell as SON OF SONDRA

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Letter to Sondra London
From Rod Ferrell

March 2, 1998
© S. London 1998

Dearest Sondra,

Greetings. Let me begin these writings by first introducing myself properly, I am ROD FERRELL. I am seventeen years of age and of course, as you well know, the youngest man on Death Row. I have heard much about you from both Star and also from Danny as well. You appear to be a most interesting individual. It would seem that you have the ability to grasp the complexity of the unbinded mind. In short, I would like to befriend you if I may. Perhaps we may find that we have much in common, perhaps not?

I don't know if you would be interested or not, but I would like to share some of my art with you. At the present I am in the process of creating what I have titled "Lost Enigma." It basically has no purpose as of yet, but I assure you when and while I make it I'll keep you updated on it if you like. You must forgive me, my mind is in a state of roaming. I have so many thoughts and ideas and yet just when they gather they scatter just as quickly. Thus is the reason that "Lost Enigma" has no real plot as of yet.

Do you know what the most beautiful word in the universe is? It is ONE! To reach the essence of One is to find true sanctification. Sometimes I lose myself in meaningless ponderings, but they give safe haven from the harshness of reality, so...

Forgive the shortness of this letter, but my mind is blank. If you have any questions then by all means - please ask. I shall go now.


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