Reports of Proceedings

Each session of the Forum is being published by the Stationery Office, Dublin and are available from the Government Publications Office, Molesworth St., Dublin 2, Ireland and from bookshops throughout Ireland.

Volume 1 - 28 October, 1994 is a report of the inaugural session of the Forum and contains the opening statements by Judge Catherine McGuinness, Chairperson and the Heads of Delegations.

ISBN number 0-7076-1503-8.

Volume 2 - 3 November and 18 November, 1994.

ISBN number 0-7076-1504-6

Volume 3 - 16 December, 1994. The theme of the session was The Economic consequences of Peace with sections on Building on the Peace Dividend, Investing in Peace, The American Role and The Role of the European Union.

ISBN number 07-7076-1506-2

Volume 4 - 20 January, 1995. Its theme was Participation in Social and Economic Reconstruction - sharing the Peace Dividend.

ISBN number 0-7076-1507-0

Volume 5 - 10 February, 1995 which had a submission form Roy Garland and a debate on 'Parity of Esteem'.

ISBN number 0-7076-1683-2

Volume 6 - 17 February, 1995. Its three sections were 'Presentations on Tourism', 'Debate on North-South Co-operation' and 'A Presentation on the Washington Conference for Trade and Investment in Ireland

ISBN number 0-7076-1655-7

Volume 7 - 24 February, 1995. Its theme was 'Social and Economic Reconstruction - Securing the Rights and Interests of Children and Young People'

ISBN number 0-7076-1656-5

Volume 8 - 3 March, 1995. Its theme was 'North-South Co-operation in Agriculture and Agribusiness'.

ISBN number 0-7076-1657-3

Volume 9 - 10 March, 1995 which was a 'Debate on Policing'.

ISBN number 0-7076-1658-1

Volume 10 - 23 March, 1995. It had presentations from two groups, 'Forum for Change' and ' Northern Consensus'.

ISBN number 0-7076-1659-X

Volume 11 - 24 March, 1995. This session had a Presentation by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and a debate on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

ISBN number 0-7076-1684-0

Volume 12 - 31 March, 1995. A joint presentation by the Committee on the Administration of Justice and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and a debate on Justice Issues.

ISBN number 0-7076-1660-3

Volume 13 - 7 April, 1995. A presentation by Mr. Colin Crawford followed by a presentation by Religious for Justice and Peace and Drumcree Faith and Justice Group.

ISBN number 0-7076-1697-2

Volume 15 - 12 April, 1995. Presentations by Mr Robin Wilson and Professor Simon Lee, the West Belfast Economic Forum and the Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland

ISBN number 0-7076-2340-5

Volume 16 - 5 May, 1995. Part 1: Statement on Constitutional Issues in the Light of A New Framework for Agreement and other documents. Part 2: Debate on Constitutional Issues in the Light of A New Framework for Agreement and other documents.

ISBN number 0-7076-2341-3

Volume 23 - 30 June, 1995. Tributes to the late Senator Gordon Wilson.

ISBN number 0-7076-2342-1

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