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A resource for jazz vocalists, educators, and those interested in vocal jazz. Features include: A discography of vocal jazz recordings, information on regional jazz scenes, gig information for jazz vocalists, discussion forum message boards for jazz vocalists and educators, a list of suggested repertoire for jazz vocalists, links to Colleges and Universities with vocal jazz programs or ensembles, links to vocal jazz artists and groups, and links to other internet resources. We would like you to sign our guestbook if you are a first-time visitor, and we would like to especially hear your comments on how we can improve our site. Be sure to check out our sponsor's pages also, for they help us to better promote the site. Help us to make this the internet gathering place for the vocal jazz community!

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An Update From Michael Johnson - 8/18/99:

As I explained in my posting near the end of June, I had been unable to devote any time to this website since January, as I was trying to finish my doctoral dissertation. Wee, I am still working on my Doctoral Dissertation, but I have gotten through most of my e-mails, and I have added most of the links and discography requests I received. I only responded (or will respond) to people who did not give me enough information to complete their requests. So, you may want to check and make sure I have added your link or discography item, and if you have any questions, e-mail me.

Our New Sponsors:

You may have noticed that there is some new advertising on the site. In the past, the few "sponsors" I had accepted had just been "webrings", which benefit the site by bringing more traffic to it. I have entered into an association with allwall.com, a company which sells posters, and rock.com, an online CD dealer. I have done this only to offset the cost of running this site, which I am paying for out of my own pocket. I was impressed by the fact that representatives of both of these sites found The Vocal Jazz Resource, and approached me about collaborating with them. I am especially excited about rock.com. They seem to have an excellent selection, and I am currently in the process of integrating links to their site into the discography. This way, if you see a recording on the discography that you would like to purchase, you can do it right then and there! Please be aware that if you acess one of their links from this website, you are supporting The Vocal Jazz Resource! I hope that none of you think that I am "selling out" or "going corporate" with this move; I am simply trying to keep up with my internet hosting fees.

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