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Fanfiction is written using the characters and/or situations of someone else's world. This can be another book, a film or a TV show. In my case it's The X-Files; I started writing soon after discovering how much there was already out there, and I haven't stopped.

If you have any comments, on my stories or on the pages themselves, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach me via email on i.j.horsewell@warwick.ac.uk


This gets sort of complicated. The characters in these stories are not mine, they belong to Chris Carter, 10:13, Fox and a whole load of other people. All I'm doing is borrowing them for a while. I, and many other fanfic writers, believe that fanfic is a 'fair use' of the characters and concepts. We do not make a profit, we do not take any profit from the owners, so we are not 'stealing' under American and international law. I'll give them back unharmed and I'm not making any money from them, so why bother suing? After all, I'm a poor student; what can you do, confiscate my overdraft?

If you don't know much about the X-Files, I can't see why you've read this far. But if you are new to the world of fanfic, you might like to read this [Introduction] which will tell you a little about the X-Files.

I recently came across a wonderful post on the newsgroup explaining why we write fanfiction, from the immortal Sheryl Martin. So here it is, htmlised and everything: [ Why We Write Fanfiction].

General fanfic

'The Files' Scully reads some letters that Mulder never sent
'The Letters' Mulder reads some of Scully's letters
'Final Truths' Scully doesn't have very long left
(post Momento Mori)
'Memories' Melissa Mulder looks through a scrapbook
'Battleground' Mulder plays a game of chess
'Farewells' What if we could say goodbye?
'Strength And Weakness' It is often surprising how others see us
'Cards' Mrs Scully waits for the mail on a special day
'The Wedding' Mulder, Scully, a church...
'Masks' Scully wonders who she really is
'Vanilla' -[New]- Mulder's driving Scully nuts in the office
'Dark Places' -[New]- Mulder's missed work for a few days; Scully investigates


These stories explore what has made some of our favourite characters what and who they are.
'Capitulation' Sometimes, we just have to give in
'Sacrifices' How far would you go to get your sister back?
Nominated for 'Outstanding Vignette' in the 1998 Spookys
'Opposites' -[New]- How did Dana Scully become so important to me?


In these stories, things did not happen as they did in the show. Alternate universes, in a way.
'GSW' Mulder arrives at an emergency room with a gunshot wound
'First Encounter' Scully is on her way to the basement for the first time
Abuse of Power
Part 1, Part 2
Agent Scully is assigned to a profiler, Mulder, to investigate a series of linked deaths.


These are 'song' stories; featuring and partly inspired by Guns'n'Roses songs
'Live and Let Die' Scully is woken by a nightmare
(post Leonard Betts)
'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' A forced entry goes wrong
'November Rain' Mulder's thoughts after Scully's abduction
'Yesterdays' Thoughts in the middle of the night


'Possibilities' Nominated for 'Best Poem/Song' in the Morleys
Two people realise that they could be more than friends
'A Truth Of Numbers' -[1st Place]-
Life in the Mulder house after Sam's abduction
These were not written with the X-Files in mind but seemed to fit. Have a look at my [Poems] page if you'd like to see more

Growing Closer

This was never meant to be a series, but it seems to have become one. Somehow. A series of vignettes in the life of Mulder and Scully, now stored on a separate [Growing Closer] web page

I used to have a few recommended authors here. Unfortunately, 'a few' soon became 'a handful' and then 'a dozen' and now I keep them somewhere else. I have a [Recommendations] page with a list of authors, links to some of their web pages and some of their stories. It's not exhaustive but it's a start.

I am also a member of the X-Files Fanfic Webring. Basically, lots of sites all connected in a chain across the world. Why not have a look at some of the other sites in the ring?

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