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March 1999 News

Saturday Night Live

Garbage will be performing on "Saturday Night Live" tonight.

You Look So Fine

The first picture from the forthcoming video for "You Look So Fine" was released today in the NME. The video co-stars Kelly Slater, surf champion and musician, whose band the Surfers had their Songs From the Pipe released on Epic last year. The video was directed by Stephane Sednouai (Queer, Milk) in Los Angeles.

"You Look So Fine" will be released on Mushroom Records in May. The single features a remix of the track by Fun Lovin' Criminals, plus two new songs recorded whilst in Southern California: "Soldier Through This" and "Get Bizzy With The Fizzy" (title subject to change).

Shirley comforts Kelly in his sleep, taken from the forthcoming 
'You Look So Fine' video

Korean Bodega

Meanwhile, Garbage's reinterpretation of Fun Lovin' Criminals "Korean Bodega" looks set for a UK release on April 19. The "Aero Mexicana Mix" features Shirley Manson singing on the chorus.

A 40-second snippet of the remix is currently available from Cafe Montmartre. You will need the RealPlayer G2 to listen to the clip:

The single is currently available as a UK promo release from Chrysalis/EMI.

Korean Bodega UK Promotional 

MTV Fanatic

Be sure to watch MTV US tomorrow to see Garbage interviewed on "FANatic".

Garbage Live In Paris

The first official transmissions of "MTV Presents Garbage Live" will be aired as follows:

  • April 3 on MTV Central
  • April 7 and 9 on MTV Italy
  • April 21 on MTV UK and MTV Ireland
  • April 25 on MTV Nordic

The show was recorded at Le Zenith, Paris in January 1999.


Garbage's next single "You Look So Fine" features in the end 'party' sequence of the film "Entrapment", released in the US on April 30th by 20th Century Fox. The film, starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones, is a thriller set in the last days of the millennium.

Sean Connery personally requested the use of the track in the film. It turns out that he is a huge Garbage fan and was often playing "Version 2.0" on the set of the movie, accompanied by occasional outbursts of singing and the dancing of jigs.

[ As I work for the company that provided the visual effects sequences for "Entrapment", I have known of this for quite a long time but have been under a nondisclosure. As post is nearing completion, and licensing with Mushroom should have cleared, this is now 'OK' to post. I just love the idea of Sean Connery bouncing up and down to "I Think I'm Paranoid"... - Ian ]

European Tour Announced

Garbage have announced the European tour dates for May through to July, on We reproduce them here for the sake of completeness...

May 19 Vienna, Austria Libro Festival
May 20 Prague, Czech Republic Aini Stadion Slavie
May 21 Nuremberg, Germany Rock Im Park
May 22 Nurburgring, Germany Rock Am Ring
May 24 Katowice, Poland Spodek Festival
May 26 Vilnius, Lithuania Dinamo Stadium
May 27 Riga, Latvia Mezaparks
May 28 Tallinn, Estonia Linnahall
May 29 St. Petersburg, Russia Kirov Stadium
July 6 Kristiansand, Norway Quart Festival
July 9 Midtfyns, Denmark Midtfyns
July 10 Hamburg, Germany Jazz Festival
July 11 Erfurt, Germany Highfield
July 14 Athens, Greece Rockwave
July 16 Istanbul, Turkey Kapi Kredi Festival
July 17 Zeebrugge, Belgium Beach Festival
July 18 Lisbon, Portugal Superbock
July 21 Nyon, Switzerland Paleo
July 22 Singen, Germany Old Castle
July 24 Vannes, France St. Noiffs

Garbage Do Leno

Garbage will be performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on April 2 on NBC. Check your TV Guide for times.

Garbage Tour Diary Updates

Steve Marker's latest report on life on the road is now available on, detailing his birthday, recording new songs for the 'You Look So Fine' single and the debacle that was the Grammies. Meanwhile, Shirley Manson has started her own tour diary, which you can read on

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