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10/3/99 - Tycho Brahe

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PA crew in full effect! Even though we were out attending an exquisite rock and roll event (more on this in a bit), we have not shirked our Bench related duties. I hope that you enjoy it. If you don't, please be kind enough send me an e-mail that includes your home address and phone number, along with a list of things that really frighten you. No reason, really - I just want you to know that we care. A lot. Enough to purchase wildly expensive, terribly rare insects and reptiles from distant lands.

"What concert was it, I wonder?" Yes, yes, mortals - I can hear your thoughts. It was They Might Be Giants, actually. I was pleased to learn that they were able to match the genuine quirkiness so present on their albums with a very effective and spontaneous stage show. And they came back for two encores - each more delectable than the last! Opening for them was a band called "You Were Spiraling". When they first took the stage, their initial vibe didn't draw me in over-much, but they just hadn't gotten comfortable yet - they began to deliver music whose geek quotient was simply off the scale. They meshed frenetic alterna-pop sounds with cool synths and keyboard melodies that would be right at home in a Konami side-scroller. As a matter of fact, during a song that really got a hold on Gabe and I, the guitarist actually pressed a Game Boy against his guitar and played "Motorcross Madness" music right into his pickups. I writhed with pleasure. The whole thing ended up being Gabe's birthday present, and in giving, I received. That is totally deep!

In addition, a delectable new Gabe Art item is up and marked for immediate viewing! He completed his Final Fantasy 8 pic that he started on earlier this week, and I'm only too happy to point it out to you. There's also a 1024x768 wallpaper available of it in your Cool Stuff area!

I'm exhausted. And, since I am also out of coffee, I must make this brief. Great to have you by. See you on Wednesday.

(CW)TB out.

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