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Monday October 04 1999
News & Opinion

Coolest of the Cool

For the week of September 9, 1998

Every week we comb through the Net's cool, hot, and otherwise notable sites of the day, week, and month. Then we choose the very best of those picks, and bring them to you here. Can't beat that with, as they say, a stick.

Ancient Scripts of the World (courtesy of The Exploratorium)
Another month brings ten more winners from the good people of The Exploratorium. This standout combines history, linguistics (hey, we like language here -- we're writers, you know?), and a dose of real charm to convey the beauty and mystery of the development of langauges. If you were one of those kids who loved secret codes, indulge yourself at this site.

ALA: Banned Books Week (courtesy of Net Scout)
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance; that's also the price of a library card. Banned Books Week is coming up (September 26 - October 3). Think it's not your problem? Think again: now more than ever, people with anti-Constitutional political agendas who think they're smarter than you are trying to take away your right to read freely. Fight the power.

Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice (courtesy of Yahoo! Picks of the Week)
Those of you who attended family reunions over the summer have experienced the live-action version of this site, wherein you ask an etiquette question and receive an answer from various texts dating from 1832 to 1977. Really, isn't the online method better than asking your great-aunt Helene whether she thinks your khakis go with your navel ring?

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Extremely Specialized Sites
Vol. 99g
"g" is for gonna-stay-right-here-at-99-thanks

Biospeleology: The Biology of Caves, Karst, and Groundwater

Female Celebrity Smoking List
thanks for this ESS to Beau Hajavitch

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