Title: Half-Life
Genre: First Person 3D Shooter
Design Company: Valve Software
Publisher: Sierra
Expect it in stores: Summer 1998

Let me introduce my self
Im Kurupt, Male. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada the same place as autolycus from Valve I am the leader of Tha dogg pound gangsta's. I am currently a quake player im not really into that unreal game that was just released.

Can you tell me a little about your self?

I manage the marketing here at Valve. That means I work closely with the folks over at Sierra on things like advertising and packaging and such. I'm also working with Autolycus on the Worldcraft help file, and I'm managing the creation of the Half-Life user manual. I don't work on Half-Life directly, other than to press my unsolicited ideas onto the developers every once in awhile. If there is Musak playing in Half-Life's elevators, I will be very pleased with myself.

Will the game be more like quake 1 or quake 2 in multiplayer play?

Neither, really. Remember that, although Half-Life uses parts of both the Quake I and II engines, we've added a LOT of new technology. So single-player Half-Life is very different from Quake I and II, and a lot of those changes carry over into the multiplayer experience. For example, cooperative play against a squad of human grunts that work as a team is very different from fighting a bot. We put a weapon into the game that fires through walls to make camping a much riskier strategy. And so on.

Another big difference is our multiplayer user interface. We've tried to make it both easy to use and very robust. You can use it to get into a multiplayer game with virtually one click; you can also use it as a gathering place where you can find out where your friends are, choose what type of scenario you want to play and get coordinated quickly. We're trying to reduce the amount of time and hassle people spend trying to get connected to the right server; that means you'll have more time to play.

In multiplayer how many weapons will there be compared to single player?

All of our weapons are available in both single-player and multiplayer. Of course, some of the weapons were designed to be especially fun in multiplayer--like the snark, which is a small alien creature that you throw at your opponents. It's incredibly fast and aggressive, and it'll go after anything that moves. That means that if it doesn't find an enemy to attack, it will come back and try to kill you. Needless to say, the snark can create quite a bit of chaos in a crowded multiplayer level.

Performance in the game is it faster or slower than quake 2?

It's faster in GL and a little slower in hardware.

Will there be taunts in the game like quake2?

There are a couple of ways you can "communicate" with your opponents. First, you can put a scanned photo of your own face on the player model so everyone can see who you are and what kind of mood you're in. Second, you can spraypaint or use your gun to shoot messages onto surfaces. We don't have any gestural taunts in the game.

Will you be able to drive vehicles in the game if so witch ones?

Half-Life has a complex system of trains that players control.

Will you be able to Edit your name so it looks colourful any thing other than white or what ever the regular colour is?

Half-Life handles player identity totally differently than Quake. This includes communication and player score presentation.

When spray painting on walls, floors ect. How will you do this?
Will you aim with your cursor or do you use pre-made files and upload them to the server witch you are playing at?

You'll be using our decal feature, which controls the layering of textures on top of other textures. This is the method we use for showing burn marks, bullet holes and blood. You'll create a bitmap file and then apply it to the desired surface by binding a key to the bitmap and hitting that key. Yahn Bernier's server code takes care of replicating that to the other clients.

Will you be making any add-ons other than TF2 such as CTF ect.?

We plan to have several different multiplayer scenarios shipping in Half-Life, including both competitive and cooperative games. The current plan is to ship TF2 as an add-on pack along with some additional (unannounced) games. Beyond that, we're working hard to make Half-Life the best platform for anyone else who is interested in making interesting add-ons.

Will there be more than one skin or model in multiplayer?

Half-Life will include a male and female player model. I've already mentioned that players will be able to use their own faces on these models, and they will be able to modify skins in other ways as well.

In the game can you do any special moves like role, crawl?

Sure. There are several special moves you can perform and you can practice using these moves in our training area. There you'll watch the holographic assistant perform the moves, then she'll give you instructions as you move through an obstacle course. I think the long jump is my favorite move. The first time I entered a multiplayer level was with Dario Casali and John (Choryoth) Guthrie. Dario was long jumping all over the place. I said to myself "I'll have what he's having."

Thank you Lisa for this great interview!

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