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Are you paying too much for credit card processing services?

At Vantage, we believe that knowledge drives merchant sa(les, loyalty and referrals. Educating merchants about the payment systems industry is our mission.

What should merchants know about today's card processing industry? For starters, watch out for any fee that artificially lowers your rate while increasing your cost!

Focus on your bottom line cost of service - not your rate. Discount rates can be deceiving. You need to determine your true cost by looking at your entire program. Are you billed on gross or net sales? What does equipment leasing really cost? Chargeback fees, American Express transaction fees and annual fees all add to your total cost.

We want to earn your business while helping you become a well informed and educated merchant in this industry.

Vantage Card Services, Inc.
More than low rates - Lower Cost.
More than customer service - Personal Service.

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Vantage now offers Internet Access to all of your account information. Moneta is an on-line service that provides merchant businesses with fast access to:

  • Credit Card Funding Information
  • Chargebacks and Media Retrievals
  • Valuable Information and Services Content

Link to secure online access to merchant account information:

To enroll, Vantage must first issue you a PIN number. Please submit your request:

Phone #:
Fax #:

or email Deborah at

Merchant will use the PIN to complete the enrollment process on the Moneta web site.

For security, you can only log on using the computer on which the website enrollment took place.

To access Moneta Services, each user must have the following:

  • Computer with modem (28.8bps, or higher)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Netscaper Navigator (Version 3.0, or greater)