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Personal Homepages
EFL  Links

PSB (Pusan Broadcasting) - including Live TV and Live Radio
Digital Pusan - Pusan News in Korean
PusanIlbo - The local newspaper online
Pusan Weather - 5 Day Forecast
Organizations & Events
Pusan Metro Homepage - City Hall goes online
2002 Asian Games in Pusan
Pusan Chamber of Commerce
Pusan Cultural Center - Home of the Tongdosa (well known local temple) Pusan Mission
The Diocese of Pusan
Pusan Kotesol - The Local Chapter of Korea's English Teaching Organization
PIFF - Pusan's own International Film Festival 
PFEM (Pusan Federation for Environment Movement)
Pusan Interpreter's Assciation
Alliance Francais - The French Cultural Center in Pusan
Pusan Bank - includes instructions (in English) on how to use their telebanking system
Pusan Consulting - Executive & ESL employment service
PCCS (Pusan Corporate Consulting Service) A well known teacher recruiting agency
Hotel Lotte - Pusan's Glitziest Luxury Accommodations
Hyatt Hotel - Upscale Beach Accommodations and home to the ever-popular Murphy's
Camp Hialeah - Basic info and phone numbes,   AAFES, and Hialeah Chapel
Pusan Freemasons
Travel Net's Guide to Pusan
Lyco's City Guide to Pusan
Hotel Guide of Pusan
Some Pusan History - served up by Jan Boonstra 
Pusan Tourist Guide
Pusan Ilbo's Useful Info- A decent resource provided by our local paper
Pusan Subway Info
Pusan Road Maps (in Korean)
Koje Island Official Site of the beautiful island's local government
Camp Hialeah Info
Bluewave's Pusan Page
Colleges & Universities

Dong-A University 
Dong-Eui University 
Dongseo University 
KyungSang National University 
Korea Maritime University 
Pusan National University 
Pusan National University of Education 
Pusan University of Foreign Studies 
Pusan Women's University 
Sungsim College of Foreign Studies 
Tongmyong University of Information Technology 
Naming your baby Pusan - Don't know why you'd want to, but just in case

Chat Room 
Exchange Rates 
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Graffiti Wall 
Info Center 
Language Guide 
Movie Listings 
Photo Gallery 
Pusan Time 
Pusan Weather 
Q & A 
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Korean Search Engines

News Sites
Korea Radio International
The Korea Times
The Korea Herald
KoreanInc Business News
Computing Korea

KNIC - Korea's Internet HQ 
Korea Info by Sunsite
Yonhap News Agency
The Korea Economic Daily
Korea Web Weekly
Korean Politics

Daily Trade News of Korea 
Hourly Exchange Rate 
(We mean no offense to any nation that is not listed. We've listed all the ones we could find.  If you know of any others please let us know.) 
United Kingdom 
Non-Web Contact Information for Embassies is here 
Other Sites 
Life in Korea -  Information and things to do for foreign visitors and residents in Korea. 
Inside Korea - English Travel Magazine 
Korea National Tourism Organization - Extensive travel info in six different languages 
TravelLife's Guide ot Korea - Another useful source of travel info 
Buddhapia's Guide to  Korean Buddhism & Temples - Excellent background information and photos 
Kimchi People 
Korean Air 
Korean Flight Schedules - Info for all airlines, all destinations
KoreAm - offering business language & cultural dducation, as well as translation and Interpretation services
Samsung Economic Research Institute - Informative Site regarding Korean Economy
Kwangju Biennale - Korea's Premiere Arts Event
Gateway to Korea - Korean Linksorama
Korean Law - Text of Laws concerning everything from Banking to Ginseng
Kexpat - Korean Expat Listserv - homepage
Metro Seoul 
Korean Stock Exchange
Korean Ministry of Information
Korean Confederation of Trade Unions
Korean  Adoptees Online Resources
Kim-Chee -  Info and Reactions to Korea's favorite form of fermentation
Kimchi - Korean Information from many countries
KorSeek - Korean language Search Engine
Jan's Guide to Biking in Korea
Daeki & Kyung's Homepage - More than a personal page, a very useful resource
Koreascape- Categorized Info about Korean things overseas
Korea Q & A - Some interesting insights into life here
Korea Link - Another large collection of links related to Korea
KNTO Cybertour - Info about traveling in Korea
Window on Korea - Cultural Information
Postech's Official Sensitive Map of Korea
Yuhak Edu Internet
501st Unofficial Korean Language Page
Korea Weather
Cheju Net - Travel info
Log-In Seoul - Hip Online Magazine
Little Korea - Guide to Korean culture and social issues
Korea Window - General Korean Info
Korean Insight - Arts & Culture brought to you by Samsung
Korean Folktales - A fine collection of traditional tales
Travel Korea - Good, searchable travel guide
Korea Directory - a Mega Resource of Info about Korea
The Blue House - Check out Kim Young Sam's pad
Korea in Graph - Stats & Charts
Korean Connection - Expat Guide to Life in Korea
Korean Satellite Images- The View from up top
North Korea Travel Guide
Korea from the Inside
Colleges & Universities
English to Korean dictionary
Korean Resource & Info Center - a thorough collection of links related to Korea
Lonely Planet Korean Postcards

Personal Homepages
Alice Dana Walker - Photos, tales, teaching resources, and a fanciful view of reincarnation from a neighbor to the North. 
Doug's Korean Konnection- Sharply designed site with good info on blacklists, general issues, and legal matters for teachers. 
Philip Martin - An Excellent guide to beautiful Koje Island  
Rike Nicole Nelville - Adventures in Teaching in Korea A well written source of information and views concerning teaching English in Korea. 
Barbara - A Teacher's Life in Korea - Useful info about life in Korea - includes shopping, teaching, drinking, and lots of ducks. 
Henny Savenije 
Hi all, it's been some time ago some of you visited my hompeage. Just lately I added a chapter. Just check them out, though they are stll under construction it might be worth to take a look at them.  Have fun and thanks again. 
If you're a foreigner who thinks life in Korea can be difficult at times, 
check out Henny's fascinating report on some of the first foreigners here 
Jeff Kotanchick 
Pix from travels around Korea and plans to build ChollaWeb!!! 
Glenn K. Call 
A former Pusanite with interesting pix and links Buddhist and musical sites 
Glenn Evanish 
 Teacher, Family Man, and Traveler who has some good pictures of Korea 
Seo Sung Hwa 
A fun and friendly collection of info, music, and pix from a this former Pusanite and the graphic genius behind Pusanweb. 
Kim Byoung Soo 
Feel free to stop by my homepage. It's always fun to make a new friend!! 
Big-John Malcomson 
The Expatriate's ( now The Exit) founder has a website about Buddhism, 
Travel, and info on what he has been up to since leaving Pusan in 1997. 
Hee Yun's Little Home 
 She's not from Pusan, but we welcome her as an honorary cybercitizen 
Liane Lafreniere 
Pusan's Premiere Cruise Director and all around femme extraordinaire  
Joel Hurewitz 
Staying "Focused in Seoul" and learning a lot about Korea  
Sean & KyungHee 
 A Super Couple and experienced models for the Pweb Digital Camera  
Don Glass 
 Info about motorcycle riding in Pusan and Korea  
Sheila Windle 
  Writer, Educator, Athelete, & now WEB PAGE DESIGNER  
Samuel F. Smith 
  Personal Accounts of the Korean Experience, Chat Room, and more 
Jan Boonstra 
   Links & Info about cycling, Korea, and the Netherlands  
Ellie Kuykendall 
   A Multicultural Adventure in Korea  
Bad Ronald 
   Scandanavian oriented Tequilla drinker and Spice Girls Expert 
Chat Room 
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Language Guide 
Movie Listings 
Photo Gallery 
Pusan Time 
Pusan Weather 
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Expat Beijing
Tokyo Meltdown
Asian Resources
Shanghai Window
Hong Kong Online
Taiwan Cyberpedia
Horizons (Taiwan Info)
Thailand -The Big Picture
Yahoo Asian Directory  
1-800-FILE TAX - specializing in delinqauent and expatriate tax returns. - A Comprehensive site for all kinds of Expat Info
Expat World Special Services - Expat Newsletter, Products and Services, including Legal second passports and college degrees
Expat-Net - The international web access point for Expatriates
Internationalist Newsletter -A Quarterly Publication of Information, Ideas, and Advice on World Travel, Foreign Expatriation, Offshore Banking and International Investing
Medibroker - Providing insurance for  expats and travelers
One Small Planet -resource for international work, study, volunteer and travel opportunities.
Ovcrseas Digest - Online version of a publication pertaining to life as an Expat
Overseas Job Web - A motherlode of job information
U.S. Expat Tax Info

Mr. Showbiz
Air Travel Pro
TIME Magazine
The Comic Strip ®
Online Newspapers
ESPNET SportsZone
Global News - NandoNet
TimeCast (Real Audio&Video)  
EFL  Links
Lessons & Ideas Jobs * ESL Sites and Organizations * Students 
ESL Jobs Offered (Dave's ESL Cafe)
ESL Jobboard - EFL jobs in Korea
Jobs in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics
ELT Job Vacancies
Ohayo Sensei -Jobs in Japan
Korean Labor Laws
Jon's Black List
The Greylist

ESL Sites and Organizations  
EFLKorea Webring - A homegrown collection of pages of interest to those teaching English here 
Jon's ESL Page
Dave's ESL Cafe
Randall's Esl Lab
Many Tesl Links
Teaching in Korea FAQ#1
Korea FAQ #2
The Linguist
Pusan Kotesol
Interesting TESL links
Yahoo's English as a Second Language Page  

Lessons & Ideas 
Randall's Multimedia Activities & Quizzes
Digital Education Network
ESL Lessons, Games, and Resources
TESOL Game Land
ESL/EFL Quizes and Links
ESL Lesson Plans  
Dave's ESL Cafe
Randall's Esl Lab
Humor Me
Writing Help
ESL Graffiti Wall
ESL Pronunciation
The Resume Tutor
Eric's Listening Page
Grammar Help Page
Saydar's Penpal Page
The Ultimate Band List
Grendel's Lyric Archive
English Level Check Quiz
Interesting Places for Kids
On-Line English Grammar
Grammar and Writing Page
The English Listening Lounge
Pronunciation for Korean Students
Vocab resources for EFL/ESL students
Different Accents From Around the World
Grammar Quizzes (Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students)
Center for ESL, University of Arizona

Personal Homepages
EFL  Links