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RUSS vs AntiZor!

25/08/99    AntiZor sent me the letter...Quote:

  • Quote: "It would be wise to password protect your site, better to go underground, this is what i want you to do.

  • As long you're spread public..., i'm going to try close every site you run, i've done it already several times, and i'm not gonna stop it before you disappear."

  • My comments:    Vadim Kondratjeff [reads also as AntiZor, Crusader...] at has been really working hard trying to shut my sites down by threatening the servers' admins with his email messages. In August I indeed lost 2 servers.

    10/09/99    Next letter from AntiZor states as follows:

  • Quote: "You can't trace my ip longer than to server, on the server doesn't exist my name. It seems you know this FSB, i don't know anything other than i have read on internet, anyway i have made reports to them so we must follow up what happen?"

  • My comments:    FSB stands for Federal Security Service - Russian analogue for US FBI. AntiZor had appearently applied to them for some assistance to crack me down. I wonder on what grounds it could be done? Should I be arrested as a terrorist or something?

  • Quote: "Seems you're loosing all your friends on zor too, because of your fight with this cocebottle person, zor mentioned that he doesn't want your link on his page because of this aggressions you show up :)"

  • My comments:    Yes, it was quite unexpected to me. On 1-2 of September Zor removed all my sites from his Top List without any explanations and failed to notice me about that.

    AntiZor underwear - Happy Reading!

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  • Just have a look what a shitty site AntiZor set up here

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