The Championship shall be known and referred to as the "1998 Ford Motorsport/Slick 50 Australian Formula Ford Championship".


All events in the 1998 Championship will be conducted under the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the Federation International de l'Automobile (F.I.A.), the National Competition Rules (N.C.R.) and the Race Meeting Standing Regulations of CAMS, these Sporting Regulations, the General Supplementary Regulations issued by the Promoter of each Round of the Championship and the Rules and Regulations of the Formula Ford Association Inc.

CAMS reserves the right to vary these regulations at any time.


The Executive Committee shall consist of Mr. Tim Schenken, Manager - Motor Racing, (CAMS), Mr. Bruce Keys, Manager - Technical Services, (CAMS), Mr. Greg Harbutt, Manager - Motorsport Operations, (Ford Australia) and Mrs. Margaret Hardy, Administrator, (Formula Ford Association Inc.).


CAMS may appoint a Race Director for the 1998 Championship Series.


Drivers competing in any round of the Championship must be financial members of the Formula Ford Association Inc. and must be holders of current CAMS General Competition Licences (Provisional Licence holders will be allowed to compete).


The winners of the 1996 and 1997 Australian Formula Ford Championships (David Besnard and Garth Tander) shall not be eligible to compete.


For the driver to be eligible for points, prize money or other awards in the Championship, the competing car must display two (2) Ford Motorsport/Slick 50 Championship nameplate decals, three (3) Slick 50 World Series decals, one (1) Ford Motorsport decal, one (1) (Ford oval) and two (2) Avon decals.
The Ford Motorsport/Slick 50 Championship decals will  measure 400 mm x 55 mm. and will include space for the driver’s name. One decal must be carried on each side of  the car, at the top of the cockpit. 

One Slick 50 World Series decal, measuring 200 mm x 100 mm, must be carried on either side of the nose box of the competing car, and one above the racing number plate on the nose of the car.

One Ford Motorsport decal, measuring 200 mm x 100 mm, must be carried on the nose of the car, immediately above the racing number plate. 

The Ford oval decal is to be attached below the competition number on the nose of the car.

The Avon decals may be placed in a position to suit the competitor, but must not be obscured by wheels or transmission members.

Please see diagram on opposite page for placement details.


All cars competing in the Championship will be required to carry number backgrounds and competition numbers of common design and size, as provided by the Formula Ford Association. The number backgrounds will be white, with a narrow black border and black competition numbers.

The background will measure 190mm x 230mm and must be attached to the vehicle at specified locations, detailed on the diagram opposite. The side number panels must be affixed at a position behind the driver, above the centreline of the wheels, at a minimum height of 100mm from the bottom of the car and above any sidepods.

Backgrounds and numbers will be issued to competitors on receipt of the required Registration Fee.


Cars contesting the Championship shall be Formula Ford Racing Cars complying with the requirements of Formula Ford as published by or with the authority of CAMS and any amendments or changes thereto. Each competing vehicle must be registered with the Formula Ford Association and be one for which a Certificate of Origin has been issued.



   1    February 1  Sandown    VIC
   2    March 29     Lakeside     QLD
   3    April 19       Phillip Island   VIC
   4    May 3         Winton    VIC
   5    May 24       Mallala     SA
   6    May 31       Barbagallo   WA
   7   June 21       Calder     VIC
   8   August 2      Oran Park    NSW

Possible non-Championship Race  July 19  Hidden Valley (NT)
Subject to the provision of sufficient funding support


Each round in the series will be made up of 2 races of approximately 30 kilometres in length, expressed as a number of laps appropriate to the host circuit.


All competing vehicles must be fitted, in accordance with the Technical Regulations, with Dorian automatic timing transmitters, which must be operable from the start of non-qualifying practice.  

Times may not be recorded for competitors who do not fit transmitters when required or whose transmitter fails to operate because it has not been charged before the meeting. 


Vehicle scrutineering will be carried out at 8.00 a.m. on the Satuday of each round and at other times during the meeting as determined by the Series Scrutineer or the Clerk of Course. 

Wherever possible, vehicle scrutineering will be undertaken in the competitor’s paddock area.

Document checking will take place at a location to be advised by the Promoter of each round and will take place on Saturday morning, prior to qualifying.

Pre-practice safety checks may be undertaken on Friday, at the direction of the Chief Scrutineer.
Post-event scrutineering and engine inspections shall be undertaken, from time to time, at the direction of and under the supervision of the Series Scrutineer or the CAMS Technical Commissioner for Formula Ford. Please note that where Formula Ford Technical Regulations specify a maximum or minimum requirement, no tolerance shall be permitted.

14. FUEL

All cars participating in the 1998 Ford Motorsport/Slick 50 Australian Formula Ford Championship must use exclusively, for qualifying and racing, a fuel from the suppliers of relevant circuit, which may only be either of:

• a fuel which meets CAMS Commercial Fuel Definition (see Schedule G), or

• CAMS Unleaded Control Fuel (SATCC).

Fuel samples taken from competing cars will be compared with samples taken from the relevant circuit supplies and any discrepancies will be refered to the Stewards of the Meeting.


No more than four (4) tyres may be used for qualifying and racing at each round. The tyres will be coded and marked by scrutineers prior to the first qualifying session. Included on the markings on the tyres will be the competition number of the relevant car and/or any other marks required by the Chief Scrutineer.

Only tyres carrying the appropriate marks are permitted for qualifying and at the start of each race. After the start of the race there is no restriction on the number of tyres used.

If a marked tyre is damaged (e.g. by a puncture), it can only be replaced by a tyre of similar tread wear and then only at the sole discretion of the Series Scrutineer.
In the event that the track condition is declared to be wet, at the direction of the Clerk of Course, unmarked tyres may be used.


Practice for the driver and entered vehicle is prohibited on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday immediately prior to any and all rounds of the Championship at the scheduled venue of that round. Breach of this regulation will result in exclusion from the meeting. Practice is permitted on the Thursday prior to the meeting, provided the circuit is available to all competitors entered for that round.

At least three 20 minute non-qualifying practice sessions will be scheduled on the Friday prior to race day. 


Two 30 minute qualifying sessions will be scheduled on the day prior to racing.


A 10 minute warm-up session will be provided on the morning of race day. 


At the discretion of the organisers, sponsors' personnel and assistants may be present on the starting grid, e.g. girls with umbrellas, however they are subject to the standard requirements for clearing the grid and must retire behind the barrier at the two (2) minute signal.


Race 1

Grid positions for Race 1 will be determined by qualifying times.

Race 2

Grid positions for Race 2 will be determined by the finishing order of Race 1, followed by the non-finishers in the order of the number of laps completed.

A vehicle which fails to start Race 1 may start Race 2 from the rear of the grid. Should more than one car be affected in this way such vehicles will be placed at the rear of the grid in order of qualifying times.


On the instruction of a Official, cars will leave the marshalling area for one observation lap. At the end of this lap each will stop on the grid in its allocated place. Pit crew may then approach the cars for final preparation.

When three minutes remain before the warm-up lap a warning will be sounded and a 3-Minute board displayed by the Starter.

When two minutes remain before the warm-up lap, a further warning will be sounded, and a 2-Minute board displayed by the Starter. Access to the grid will be closed at this time. The grid will then be cleared of all personnel except for necessary crew members and officials. Cars qualified to start but which have not taken their position on the grid may be permitted to start the race from the pit exit, as detailed below.

When one minute remains before the warm-up lap, a further warning will be sounded, and a 1-minute board displayed by the starter. The grid will be cleared of all personnel and the cars' engines started. If a car does not start or stalls the driver shall raise one hand high. The car may be push-started by officials, or, if so directed by officials, by the pit crew, after the rest of the field has left the grid.

When thirty seconds remain before the warm-up lap a warning will be sounded and a 30-second board will be displayed by the Starter. When the green flag is displayed by the Starter, all cars may then proceed on a warm-up lap led by the car on pole position.
During the warm-up lap cars will maintain their starting order with the pole position driver leading. Passing is only allowed to maintain formation.

On returning to the grid, each car must stop on its allocated grid position.

Drivers must not stop and do "burn outs" at any time during the warm-up lap.

When the Starter is satisfied that all cars are correctly positioned he will indicate that there are approximately 5 seconds before the red light is to be switched on. At any moment, not less than four seconds and not more than seven seconds after the red light is shown, the start of the race will be indicated by the substitution of a green light for the red one.

If the lamps are not functioning, the National Flag will be used, being raised at the five second mark, and dropped to indicate the start of the race.

Flashing yellow lights will indicate a delayed warm-up lap or aborted start, and a "Start Delayed" board will be displayed. In this case the start procedure will re-commence from the 2 Minute signal, and the race may be shortened for each aborted pre-race lap completed.

Any car which encounters a problem during the warm-up lap, is unable to keep up or is unable to take its place on the grid, may be driven into Pit Lane instead of proceeding to the grid. The car may then start the race from the Pit Exit (having come under Starter's orders), but only on the direction of an official, and after the rest of the field has passed the Pit Exit. If the car is driven to the grid instead of to the pit lane, officials may direct it to start the race from the rear of the grid.

Any car still on the grid after the starting signal has been given may be pushed only by officials.

Any driver not following this procedure may be penalised by the addition of one minute to his race time, by a stop/go penalty as determined by the Clerk of Course and/or by some other penalty as may be determined by the Stewards of the Meeting.


Competitors shall not refuel competing cars during practice, qualifying or racing. 


All cars completing each race shall proceed to the designated impound area (or as directed by Race Officials) at the conclusion of the event, without returning to pit or paddock areas and without interference from any third party (other than an Official of the Meeting). 

Cars may not be removed from parc ferme except at the direction of the Series Scrutineer or the Chief Scrutineer of the Meeting.


Each race will attract the following minimum prize money:- 1st - $500, 2nd - $325, 3rd - $250, 4th - $200, 5th - $125, 6th - $80, 7th - $75, 8th - $70, 9th - $65, 10th - $60, 11th to 15th - $50.

   Total per race - $2000    Total per round - $4000

Prize money will be distributed by the Formula Ford Association after all scrutineering checks are completed and the results have been declared final.


Trophies will be awarded to the first three placegetters in the second race of each round.


The following minimum outright Championship Awards will also be paid:

1st -  $6,000 and a trophy, 2nd - $2000 and a trophy and 3rd $1000 and a trophy.


Points shall be awarded for each race as follows:- 1st - 20pts;  2nd - 16pts; 3rd - 14pts; 4th - 12pts; 5th - 10pts; 6th - 8pts; 7th - 6pts; 8th - 4pts; 9th - 2pts and 10th - 1pt.

The competitor achieving the highest number of points in the rounds detailed in Article 8 shall win the Championship. 

All rounds will count in the determination of the Championship.


If, at the end of the Series, there is a tie in the placings in the Championship, the award will be determined by a comparison of the number of first places gained in the races, followed by a comparison of the number of second places, third places, etc, until the situation is resolved. 

Should this comparison not result in a resolution then the relative placing in the last round shall be the decider.


Practice and qualifying sessions will normally be scheduled to follow the conclusion of the scheduled S.A.T.C.C. sessions.

Races will generally be scheduled after Race 1 and Race 2 of the S.A.T.C.C.


These Sporting Regulations were approved by CAMS on December 16, 1997. 

 (1998 Formula Ford Handbook   Page 49)