Satanic Cults and Ritual Abuse

There are several individuals and groups around the country who are claiming that there are no sadistic sex rings who prey on children or adults. That is a misperception perpetuated by sex rings and the fronts that protect them. The scientific and clinical community have inadvertently helped confuse the issues by continually changing the name of this activity in order to make it more palatable to the public. In fact, child victims don't care if the clinical community call this "ritual abuse," "satanic ritual abuse," or "sadistic abuse." Kids are only concerned about being safe and having adults around them who will have the knowledge to recognize what was done to them and who will help protect them.

We all should know that it is wrong to target groups simply because they hold beliefs different than our own. As long as people are obeying the law and not hurting others, they should be free to explore any belief system they so choose. But when people are using their belief systems as rationalizations to prey on others, and that belief system or modus operandi is used to perpetuate abuse, then we need to address the crime both therapeutically and in a court of law. And because of that there are several States that have enacted ritual abuse laws that were meant to help in the recognition of these crimes in order to address their complexity. I am in favor of this legal recognition and I will explain in detail why.

However, to confuse the issues, there are several reports, like the Ken Lanning report on ritual crime and the Gail Goodman report from UC Davis, that have been misrepresented and mischaracterized. There are many people in the FMSF community claiming that Gail Goodman "unsubstantiated" 12,000 ritual abuse allegations. Of course, that claim is absurd and in the coming weeks that will be addressed. In addition to which, an appellate court reviewing the Damien Echols ritual murder case was not persuaded that this area needed to be recognized by the scientific community in order for courts to address its reality:

"Echols next contends that Dr. Griffis should not have been allowed to testify that the murders had the 'trappings of occultism' because there was no testimony that the field of satanism or occultism is generally accepted in the scientific community. The argument is without merit, as the trial court did not allow the evidence to prove that satanism or occultism is generally accepted in the scientific community. Rather, the trial court admitted the evidence as proof of the motive for committing the murders."(936 S.W.2d 509)

After reading the cases on this site -- and full links to the documentation will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks -- it should be clear to any reasonable person that there needs to be people in the clinical community treating these victims and, if possible, the offenders. There is no doubt that these crimes are occurring and children and adults are being victimized.

There are also larger aspects to these crimes that need further investigation. Why are there people suing therapists and trying to claim these crimes don't occur as a basis for the lawsuit when these crimes clearly do occur? Why has the federal government initiated a criminal indictment against several therapists, also claiming there is no evidence for this obvious criminal activity? What has the federal government done to investigate and publicize the Finders Case and their alleged links to government officials? Why does the False Memory Syndrome Foundation appear to be so intent on covering up information about ritual abuse of children? Why was Dr. Bennett Braun, who treated these victims, threatened for several years? Why was Pat Burgus, an alleged multiple, on a videotape claiming to be a recruiter for her satanic cult and why is she now claiming her detailed statements are "false memories." What is the real truth here?

This site is under construction, but the following links will provide information on some of these cases, including an archive of cults, satanism ritual crime and lawsuits. You might notice that there are a few cases, not many, in which it's not clear who these people are or what happened. The inclusion of these cases is intentional. I have approximately 10 more cases to upload, with links and an additional 15 more cases to investigate. Double-click on the highlighted portions of the archive and that's where you will find the documentation. Any questions or comments should be directed to Karen C. Jones who can be reached at either or (Curio Jones)

**The material on this site is very graphic.

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