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Film&Video bookWithin a couple of months of being the first Indian magazine to launch a website (in June 1995), CONNECT was selected as one of the Top 500 film and video websites. Considering the web was still relatively unknown at the time, the recognition was testament not just to the unique content but also the expertise of then webmaster Ashish Gulhati who believed that CONNECT could make a greater impact on the Internet. The listing appears in a book (published in early 1996) presenting a survey of film and video websites covering all kinds of categories, from post-production to media.


By Bert Deivert and Dan Harries
Love film but overwhelmed by the Internet's maze of terrific (and not so terrific) information? Want to get to the good stuff fast and not spend needless hours searching for the treasures of film, video, and new media? Then this book is for you! FILM & VIDEO ON THE INTERNET separates the wheat from the chaff by identifying and rating the top 500 film & video sites on the Internet.

This is an excellent book for film and videomakers, students, teachers and film buffs who are looking for the Internet's latest resources on film, video, and new media.

Each site is identified by name, its location on the Internet, category (such as "Directors" or "screenwriting"), a rating on its usefulness, and a brief review. FILM & VIDEO ON THE INTERNET also includes helpful information about e-mail, newsgroups, the World Wide Web as well as a handy cross reference index for quick access.


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