Latest Mars Exploration Images

by Jack Frassanito
November 7, 1997

The images below are available in a high resolution tiff file. You can view the larger images by setting up a helper application in your browser to read .tif files. If you don't have a program that will allow you to open a tiff file directly, save the hi-res link to your computer. Then you can insert the image into Microsoft Word or Powerpoint for viewing and printing.

A launch vehicle, using propulsion systems with Space Shuttle heritage, boosts one stage of a Mars spacecraft into earth orbit. Two such launches are required to put a complete Mars-bound vehicle in Earth orbit. (S97-07844)
The International Space Station will provide extensive research capabilities for determining how the human body reacts to long duration stays in space. It may also provide a place for testing of equipment or entire systems such as a Mars habitat module depicted here, that will be used during a mission to Mars. (S97-07839)
A fully assembled Mars spacecraft is checked out in Earth orbit and made ready for its voyage to the red planet. (S97-07842)
With all engines running, the crew and their spacecraft leaves Earth orbit and begins their 6 month voyage to the red planet. (S97-07838)
After a 125 million mile journey in space, the cargo mission nears its rendezvous with the planet Mars. (S97-07843)
Streaking across the martian sky, the lander uses atmospheric breaking to decelerate prior to landing. (S97-07841)
After landing on the martian surface, the crew uses an unpressurized rover to unload cargo and supplies needed for their stay on the red planet. (S97-07846)
The crew attaches an inflatable laboratory to their lander to increase the internal pressurized volume of their martian home. (S97-07845)
The completed outpost on Mars includes the crew's two-story lander habitat, inflatable laboratory and unpressurized rover. (S97-07837)
The crew's ascent vehicle and propellant production facility can be seen one kilometer away from the completed outpost. (S97-07847)
In front of a fully-fueled ascent vehicle waiting to return them to Earth, the Mars crew salutes all of the people and nations of the world that made the journey possible. (S97-07840)

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