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How to Qualify

1999 NASA Novice National


 December 4-5

Clarion Hotel On Briley Pkwy

Nashville, Tn

Cannot have won 1st place in any National or World event. No qualifing required.

1999 NASA Coming Events

All meets listed below will have powerlifting, bench press, & powrsports(raw).

When requesting contest info, please specify which meet & include name & full mailing address.  Meets not done out of NASA Headquarters (Oklahoma) have e-mail link next to meet director.

Please Note: Meets listed with ** the entry forms will not yet be available!!!


POSTPONED!!!!!!!!!!!!October 9---Virginia Regional @ Charlottsville, Va POSTPONED!!!!!!!!!!

October 9---West Virginia Regional @ Ravenswood, WV (contact Greg Van Hoose gvhl@wirefire.com )

October 16---Tennessee Regional @ Nashville, Tn

October 16---Arkansas Regional @ Blytheville, Ar (contact Daryl Or Tobey Johnson Daryltobey@aol.com )

October 30-31---North Carolina Regional @ Hickory, NC

NEW November 6---Kentucky Regional @ Henderson, Ky

November 13---New Mexico Regional @ Albuquerque, NM

November 20-21---Arizona Regional @ Phoenix, Az

November 27---Kansas Regional @ Wichita, Ks

**December 4-5---Novice Nationals @ Nashville, Tn  Details

** NEW DATE December 11---West Texas Regional @ Amarillo, Tx

**December 18---East Texas Regional @ Kilgore, Tx

Please remember to include which contest you are requesting, your name & full mailing address.



2000 Coming Events

January 8---Arkansas Open @ Ft. Smith

January 15---Kentucky State @ Henderson, Ky

January 22---Illinois State @ Fairview Heights, Il

February 5---National Bench Press Championships @ Nashville, Tn

February 6---PowerSport (Raw) Nationals @ Nashville, Tn

February 25-27---Natural Nationals (Powerlifting only) @ Oklahoma City, Ok

February 26---National Awards Banquet & Athlete of the Year Presentation (OKC)

March 18---Pennsylvania State @ Pittsburgh, Pa

April---High School Nationals @ Dallas, Tx Or Oklahoma City

April 29-30---North Carolina State @ Hickory, NC

June 3-4---Masters & SubMasters Nationals @ Nashville, Tn

July 29-30---Grand Nationals @ Hickory, NC

August 12-13---World Cup @ Oklahoma City, OK


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Weight Classes

NASA offers the following weight classes for Men (listed in pounds)

119, 127.8, 138.8, 154.3, 170.8, 187, 205, 227, 250.2, 280, 315, 315+(shw)

NASA offers the following weight classes for Women (listed in pounds)

101.4, 110.2, 119, 127.8, 138.8, 154.3, 170.8, 187, 187+(shw)

NASA Divisions (Offered In Men's & Women's)

(Not all divisions may be offered in all NASA sanctioned meets. Refer to Official Entry Form to inquire on divisions offered for that event.)

Pure--Any Age(13+), Lifetime Steroid Free

Pure Novice--Any Age(13+), Lifetime Steroid Free, Can not have won 1st Place in any contested Meet.

Natural--Any Age(13+), Minimum 3 years Steroid Free

Natural Open--Any Age(13+), Minimum 1 Year Steroid Free (not eligible to set Records in any other NASA Divisions)

High School Pure-- Any High School Lifter, Lifetime Steroid Free

Teenage--Ages 13-19, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

Juniors-- Ages 13-23, Lifetime Steroid Free

Intermediate--Ages 24-29, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

SubMasters 1--Ages 30-24, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

SubMasters 2--Ages 35-39, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

Masters 1--Ages 40-49, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

Masters 2--Ages 50-59, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

Masters 3--Ages 60-69, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

Masters 4--Ages 70+, Minimum 3 Years Steroid Free

Masters Pure-- Ages 40 & over, Lifetime Steroid Free

Request Entry Form...Please include Name & Full Mailing Address (forms will not be E-mailed)Nasaforms@aol.com

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How to Qualify (under construction)

NASA sanctions 4 contest a year that require that you qualify for each year in order to compete in them. Below are the meets & the requirements for each. Otherwise refer to Weight Classes & Divisions section to find out your eligibility.