T'was the night before Christmas and all through Korea 
        All foreign friends said, "Sure wouldn't want to be ya." 
        The dropping not done, the won up the chimney, 
        All we could do was sit and eat kimchi, 
        I in my twenties and Korea in turmoil 
        My plans to pay off loans looked sure to be foiled, 
        Then UP on the market, "We'll all be okay!" 
        And yet the won dropped, a lead duck the next day. 
        IMF! IMF! cried a panicked Kim Dae Jung, 
        I am F'd! I am F'd! cried the teachers, each one. 
        And so they all waited for the market to crash, 
        Taking their goodwill and all of their cash, 
        But still we are here and still we all teach, 
        A medal for bravery I award unto each. 
        We shall weather together Korea's ups and her downs, 
        In all of her cities and all of her towns, 
        On Teacher! Instructor! Sonsaengnim! Professor! 
        (On Moron? On Idiot? On Common Sense Neglector?) 
        To the nearest airport for those with no gall, 
        Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all! 
        While we speak foreign words, and go straight to work, 
        And fill up with knowledge, while our heartstrings are jerked, 
        And helping to better the world and ourselves, 
        Despite all the markups on grocery store shelves, 
        There's still spring in my step, but I'm unsure for how long, 
        I'm hoping beyond hope that all this can't go on, 
        Now hear me proclaim as I fade out of sight, 
        "Merry Christmas to all, I hope we'll be alright." 

--Pat Kilby