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Seven sins:

1. Envy
The grass is always greener

2. Gluttony
Food, glorious food

3. Anger
The gripes of wrath

4. Pride
Going with the flow

5. Lust
Living la vida loca

6. Sloth
Tomorrow's another day

7. Greed
Gimme, gimme


In Person
Guilty pleasures

Mind and Body
Born to be wild?

Fred Koetter

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The Boston Globe OnlineBoston.com Boston Globe Online / Sunday Magazine Oct. 3, 1999
It's as old as eden and as new as e-commerce. And - of this we are certain - sin is a subject on which everyone has an opinion: the snake, the apple, Pope Gregory I, St. Thomas Aquinas, Dante, your mother, and those who defend their points of view via a Seven Deadly Sins Web site. And, you, too.

Yet, sin - as history and any listener of Dr. Laura's will tell you - is in the eye of the beholder; one person's no-no is another's virtue. In that spirit, we have devoted this publication, the third of four Year 2000 editions of The Boston Globe Magazine, to exploring the last 1,000 years through the prism of sin. And a very subjective set of views it is. Each of the essayists was left to decide which events and historical figures would best bring the assigned sin to life.

By the way, in an on-line auction, we were the high bidder on a set of Seven Deadly Sins paper dolls (disappointing) and Seven Deadly Sins refrigerator magnets (cool).

-Ande Zellman, Editor

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