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Neural Organization Technique International

Neural Organization Technique InternationalNeural Organization Technique is a non invasive, neurologically correct, kinesiologically based treatment protocol designed to specifically organize or reorganize the central nervous system. It is demonstratable, repeatable, predictable and reversible. It is designed to find and correct any deficit or deficits in the survival reflex systems k.a. Feeding, Fight/Flight,                                 Reproduction and the Immune Systems.

The initial N.O.T. treatment protocols were first organized in 1979/80 and have been in constant development ever since. As new information on how the body really works is discovered, it is analyzed and if applicable a treatment protocol is constructed to integrate this knowledge into the existing N.O.T. programs. Many times extensions of the basic programs become apparent as we keep looking for answers. There is no end to knowledge.

N.O.T. is a total body program which can address almost any deficit which can befall the human condition. The body is a totally integrated biological entity where everything effects everything and as the song goes, the "head bone" is ultimately connected to the "foot bone". It is impossible to treat one part of the body only without effecting or causing stress or change somewhere else.

Nothing happens in the body by accident, everything is on purpose. There is a neural reflex or reflex system for every movement, every position and every function. For example, there are specific reflex systems which are responsible for our ability to become an erect animal and do what we need to do to survive. There are reflex systems for digestion of foods, for circulation, for walking, etc., etc..

Because of the success of the various treatment protocols patients come from 15 countries and almost every State in the U.S.. They either seek a practitioner of N.O.T. close to home or they journey to our Brooklyn Office. They come with chronic conditions of every description as parent tells parent or patient tells patient. The motto of N.O.T. is, it's NOT impossible!'

I believe that you don't need to live with anything, something can always be done, and even if there is no "cure" yet, every condition can be improved to some degree and the quality of some ones life can be greatly enhanced. Neural Organization Technique is truly an alternative treatment protocol to any treatment available today.
                                                                       {short description of image}   Dr. Carl Ferreri

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