Hi everyone! Welcome to my domain. This site is only here because I have loads of free time. I shouldn't have though, I just skip way too many lectures. And yes, I'm a university student, so this place is to do with that.
oh pure hilarity   Get to know the real me and about uni life in Manchester.
say cheeze   Some fun yet totally random pics.
mmmm...beer...slurp...thud   Been there, done that... apparently.
large donner with mint sauce please   The donner, seek or shish, they're wondrous things.
HA HA HA HA   Go on. Make yourself laff. You deserve it.
I wanna play!   A collection of daft games to pass the time.
yawn...zzzzzzzz   A little bit of mind-numbing history on the great surname.
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I'd like to say a quick "Hi" to Mum and Dad (aahhh!), Sam, Tony, Steve, Jim, James, Angel, Guillaume, Jo, Leyla, Liam, Andy, Ibby, Cheun, Hube, Bav, Barclay, Martin, Pete, Paul (not me), other Andy, other Sam, Mark, everyone from the bleak area that is Tutbury - Griff, Molley, Tom, Mike, Tab, the ex-BTC CS guys - yes that includes you Jason, ALL the rest of the de Ferrers crew and those now in Manchester - Dukey, Tab (again!), Simon, Nikki, everyone else I know from up here and all you lot back home!!!!!!

Few. Thanx all.