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Past issues of the Globe's Sunday Magazine

September 12, 1999
Interview: Levent Bozkurt; "The people's professor;" "Signing on to theater;" "Out of his league;" "Granny's got her modem;" "Laundry of the rich and famous"

September 5, 1999
Interview: Jennifer Fox; "The Nantucket connection;" "Shame-free TV;" "The Feeding Hills riddle;" "Mr. Sandman;" "The force is with them"

August 29, 1999
Interview: Raymond Ost; "Copyright crusade;" "Dented dreams;" "Fin de siecle;" "One page at a time"

August 22, 1999
Interview: Suzi Parks; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 8;" "The phantom pruner;" "Wild in the suburbs;" "The honor system;" "Marfan Syndrome;" "Cool and composed"

August 15, 1999
Inteview: Darrah Bryans; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 7;" "The Peacemaker;" "Boomer Bummers;" "Back in the sadle again"

August 8, 1999
Interview: Sean McDonough; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 6;" "A house divided;" "The truck stops here;" "Joint venture"

August 1, 1999
Interview: Anna Soukhanov; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 5;" "Faith and fertility;" "Heads of the class;" "Falling stars"

July 25, 1999
Interview: John Lithgow; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 4;" "Face to face;" "This could be the last time;" "The PMS debate"

July 18, 1999
Interview: Arlene Blum; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 3;" "Disappearing Act;" "Days at the beach;" "Going, going, going. . .;" "Attack of the killer role"

July 11, 1999
Interview: Nathan Lane; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 2;" "Shakespeare in the park;" "The ring cycle;" "The kindness of strangers"

July 4, 1999
Interview: David Mugar; "The Boston Tangler: Ch. 1;" "Patrolling paradise;" "There goes the neighborhood;" "Good copy"

June 27, 1999
Interview: Joe "Bones" Basine; "Sargent season;" "Tanks for the memories;" "Pretty Poison;" "Key to happiness"

June 20, 1999
Interview: Margaret Spencer; "More than a feeling;" "New Bostonians"
City: "Boston Abuzz"
Money: "Launch time;" "Here's the pitch"
Power: "Different bedfellows"
Community: "A better mix;" "In this together;" "Block partisans;" "Past our bedtimes"

June 13, 1999
Interview: David Halberstam; "Marriage a la mode;" "Hawking the hub;" "Eating their words;" "Skin Deep"

June 6, 1999
Interview: Laurie Gray; "The un-Kennedy;" "A formidable enemy;" "Adopting Maisha;" "Kitchen debate;" "No news is no news"

May 30, 1999
Interview: Matt Siegel; "Rascal king of the north;" "Kosovo diary;" "They might be giants;" "Toning the mental muscles;" "Smoking permitted"

May 23, 1999
New Frontiers: 2000
Connections: "Tech revolution;" "Direct communication;" "Online community;" "Metcalfe on Net future;" "Too much information."
Transitions: "Future of Constitution;" "Travel to the past;" "Community invention."
Transformations: "Living longer;" "New causes of death;" "Body repair revolution;" "Genetic mapping;" "Our changing plant."

May 16, 1999
Interview: Maressa Hecht Orzack; "Decorating DNA;" "Collecting 101;" "A child's garden;" "No-load vacations;" "Necessary illusions;" "Lobster season"

May 9, 1999
Interview: Jon Sarkin; "Under the gun"; "The time of their lives"; "Just a minute"; "No great shakes"; "Like mom used to make"

May 2, 1999
Interview: Linda Greenlaw; "Strong medicine"; "Man of steel"; "Pickup Artist"; "Pencil pusher"; "Blind to reality"; "Might as well be spring"

April 25, 1999
Interview: Nancy Lusigan Schultz; "Anatomy of a camera;" "Aid and comfort;" "Lightening up;" "When good cells go bad;" "The crust of the matter"

April 18, 1999
Interview: Cedric Maxwell; "A friend to the spineless;" "Dangerous waters;" "Dinosaurs in the office;" "All `toons, all the time;" "Tiny cookies"

April 11, 1999
Interview: Elmore Leonard; "She walks the line;" "The wall;" "Virtual campus;" "The language barrier;" "Millenial Bugs;" "Poached Eggs"

April 4, 1999
Interview: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot; "Taking the third;" "Faith and forgiveness;" "A time to sow;" "Cheating on the boss;" "Stupid pet tricks"

March 28, 1999
Interview: Oscar Hijuelos; "Collectors' edition;" "My two heavens;" "Living large;" "The enduring Pap test;" "A Sephardic Cedar"

March 21, 1999
Interview: Mike Peters; "Pioneer women;" "In a parent's place;" "Last name basis;" "Closing the books;" Big soup"

March 14, 1999
Interview: Alix Ritchie; "Ending a life;" "Renaissance in Keene;" "Acting your age;" "Glaucoma;" "Sole sensation"

March 7, 1999
Interview: Ted Landsmark; "The rebel next door;" "Set in stone;" "Urban balance;" "Stage left;" "A continuous rhythm;" "It's all downhill from here;" "Private lives;" "Town and country tastes"

February 28, 1999
Interview: Kenneth Gloss; "America's salesman;" "Fighting a hidden killer;" "Wanted: More smarts;" "Brightness visible;" "Cooking with mustard"

February 21, 1999
Interview: Rita Nakashima Brock; "The Beanie bubble;" "Tough as nails;" "Old game, new players;" "Skating into the past;" "Screen test;" "Biscuits"

February 14, 1999
Interview: Randy Price; "A death in dispute;" "Roses... are way too expensive;" "The misery of a miscarriage;" "Steam heat"

February 7, 1999
Interview: David Macaulay; "Pretty tasty;" "Rewriting the rules;" "Struggling to be straight;" "Oh, brother;" "When ignorance is bliss;" "Cooking with milk"

January 31, 1999
Interview: Jonny Moseley; "Selling the farm;" "Worse than the disease;" "Lost and found;" "Do you hear what I hear?"

January 24, 1999
Interview: Jeanine Young-Mason; "Without a trace;" "The comforts of home;" "The cyber soda shop;" "Girl power;" "Simmer time"

January 17, 1999
Interview: Jack Galvin; "The wild 90's;" "Seeking a spiritual home;" "Nobody's perfect... yet;" "Organ donor decisions;" "Breakfast with the in-laws"

January 10, 1999
Interview: Mo Mowlam; "One nation under God;" "Creative force;" "The Gilded Age;" "Worried, with children."

January 3, 1999
Interview: John Loring; "At the threshold;" "The dividing line;" "First shot;" "Old news;" "Moving on;" "On pins and needles;" "Meeting of the minds"

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