Drivers in the Dynamic Marketplace
July 24 - August 21, 1999

George Mason University & Oxford University (St. Peter’s College). 

Dr. Stuart Malawer, J.D., Ph.D., Director
993.8200 (phone) and 993.8215 (fax).
Dr. Kenneth Addison, Director
Fellow, St. Peter's College
Oxford University

This is a four-week intensive global trade program focusing on the legal, political and business aspects of the dramatically changing global marketplace. It is organized by The Institute of Public Policy at George Mason University (six graduate credits) in partnership with St. Peter’s College, Oxford University. A joint Certificate is awarded by both institutions. This is the sixth year that George Mason University and St. Peter’s College are cooperating in offering a summer program that is specifically designed for the International Commerce and Policy  Program at George Mason University. 

The Program includes a trip to the World Trade Organization in Geneva and participation in the Oxford corporate - partnership program.

Four one-week modules (a two-week option is available): 

  • Corporate Strategies & the Transforming Market 
  • Information Technology & Global Telecommunications
  • Global Trade Policies & the World Trade Organization
  • Global Financial Markets & Venutre Capital
  • The Program Director is Stuart S. Malawer, J.D., Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Law & Trade Policy at George Mason University. Dr. Malawer was the founding director of the Graduate International Transactions Program and the Oxford Summer Trade Program. Each module in this program has a Team Leader who is either a faculty member of George Mason University or Oxford University. Each week is led by the Team Leader who is supplemented by Guest Lecturers from Oxford University and from private and public institutions within the United Kingdom.  Tuition, Full Room & Board:  $4,950

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