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Anti Politically Correct
Brown   Ribbon Campaign


A brown ribbon has been chosen as the color for this movement.  This campaign was inspired in part by The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech. Currently this movement is in it's beginning stages.

It is a belief here at the campaign that Political Correctness has gotten out of hand.  People have to be constantly cautious about what they say,  what they believe in,  and the activities they partake in. It is becoming harder and harder for people to have a good time and be themselves.  What one person deems polite, another person believes it to be offensive.  If your political views are not of the norm,  you or your company or organization are shunned and boycotted.

There seems to be a trend in this our nation.  Special interest groups and certain organizations are telling you what you should believe in,  what you should wear, what you should buy and at the same time they are telling you what NOT to believe in, what NOT to wear and what NOT to buy.  It is as if they think their members can not make up their own minds and think for themselves.  The scary part of this is.....they convince us.

We at the Anti Politically Correct Brown Ribbon Campaign do not think everyone should go out and offend everyone.  However,  we do believe that you should have the right to.


Support the Campaign

The campaign asks for your support.  No money is asked, only that you put our logo on your web page as a link to this site.   Also, if anyone is interested in creating another Anti Politically Correct Brown Ribbon Campaign site,  please email me your request.  Any other questions or comments would also be appreciated.  Campaign images created by supporters are also welcome.

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