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or, a note about web page design
At first glance, this page may seem thrown together. The icons are all different, the background doesn't have a pretty border, and there are no Victorian era welcome banners. Well, I'm not apologizing: it used to have a theme. I used to have a bunch of carefully made blue buttons with the titles of the pages. They were tiled neatly and had borders that changed colors after you visited them. But then I thought one day, what's the internet about? Is it about conforming so that someone who designs web page sets will think I spent a lot of work matching everything up? Is my life all matched up? The answers to both these questions is no. That's why my page looks like it does right now. I like different colors. I like making icons from scratch so I can get creative on each one. It's what my life is like. My favorite place to be is not a forest or a peaceful brook where everything is blue and grey and green. It's a city. Where anyone can be everything or nothing in the same week- where every glance produces something different. For all of you with lovely floral web site sets, I'm sorry. You shouldn't (and no doubt, wouldn't) conform, now, to what I've said. Just think about it when you're judging a page, because I'm sick of people saying I'm not artistic. I am- I just can't show it with the same color every time.