Resting Dragon

Resting Dragon The dragon is resting, but don't you be fooled into thinking that this is a good time to sneak back out from his cave, that you accindently stumbled right into. He is watching your every move, ready to pick you up by the hair, as soon as you show any signs of leaving. That is why he is looking so amused.

I had to split the chart in half, since it was too big to print out on one page. The two halfs overlap some columns. A black line on each chart half shows the exact center of the design.

I have not actually stitched this design, so the DMC numbers are just some I picked out by looking in my DMC color guide. Use your eye for colors before deciding on using them. If I ever get around to stitching this design, I will update the color chart with any changes I make.

Colored chart, left half
Colored chart, right half
Black and white chart, left half
Black and white chart, right half

Heigth: 57 stitches
Width: 82 stitches
11 colors used:
dark blue, dark green, medium green, green, brown, black, dark red, light red, orange, light yellow, white

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Åsa Olofsson