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Hi there, it has been a while since the last update of the What's New page on The Wiggles Web site, and The Wiggles have been very busy touring and making new music for you to enjoy.

The Toot Toot Show toured across Australia late last year.  The tour proved to be a sell-out success with a total of 30 performances to audiences exceeding 100,000 people in 10 days of shows.  There are still plenty of opportunities to see The Wiggles shows in smaller venues, they have just completed a two week tour of regional NSW followed immediately by sell-out concerts in Perth .  The Wiggles will visit Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs on their return from the USA.  In October this year they will be releasing their eighth music video, 'The Wiggly Big Show Video'.  This live video was filmed during the highly successful Toot Toot Show Tour last year and captures all the energy and excitement of a Wiggles live performance.   In between their hectic touring schedule they managed to find some time to record some new material for a new album, there is still more work to be done and perhaps even some appearances by some surprise guest artists.

The Wiggles toured the United Kingdom at Easter time, and received a great response across England, Scotland and Wales.  Tickets were snapped up with amazing speed and extra performances were announced in some towns to meet the unprecedented demand, a more extensive tour is planned for August this year.  'Wiggle Time' and 'Yummy Yummy' were released in the UK in March this year and are already in the top 40 sell-thru releases.  Buena Vista UK sold almost 6,000 copies in the first two weeks of release.  Walt Disney records will release their first audio project in the United Kingdom in June 1999, titled 'Get Ready to Wiggle'. 

Following The Wiggles' hugely successful US debut in September 1998, where they performed to over 17,000 people at Disneyland and Sea World Florida, we are returning to the USA for a more extensive tour.  From now till the end of June they will perform a series of concerts at Sea World and Busch Gardens across America.  Lyrick Studios (home of Barney) will release the first Wiggles videos, CD's and Cassettes in the USA this month to coincide with the tour.

The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends show continues to please audiences all over Australia, with The Wiggles spending increasing amounts of time playing to all their friends overseas, The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends show is set to become even more popular.  Over the Easter period, the show performed twice a day at Australia's Wonderland in Sydney.  The audience also got the opportunity to meet Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword between shows.  During the July school holidays, children in metropolitan Sydney and along the North Coast of NSW will have plenty of opportunity to catch up with Dorothy the Dinosaur and her friends.  Extensive tours of regional Victoria and Western Australia are also planned for August and September.  The very successful Dorothy the Dinosaur Christmas Show will be on the road again from November onward.

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