The story so far...

After years of testing and research on the rift and where it went by the cabal, they discovered that it was simply an altered reality caused by the lack of the presence of their dark god Tchernobog, who's powers were now controlled by a shadowy figure who goes by the name of Caleb. Originally the Cabal had planned to overrun the altered reality and use these monsters as their army, but their plan backfired.... big time!  What the Cabal planned to do was actually the same thing the otherworldly creatures planned also, the only thing was the Cabal were still not ready for such an onslaught, but not only that, they are here to kill Caleb so that they can take his power and merge the 2 dimensions , emerging from their death ridden universe that is based on decay and pain. Now Caleb is in search of a way to close the rift PERMANENTLY.  But without knowing how to completely control his powers he must first seek out a tome that will teach him how to not only control his powers but also give him the power to close the rift. That book, the necronomicon which is found deep within a Cabal fortress. This will be Caleb's bloodiest journey yet.


The add-on will be released gradually, so we can tide people over to the real full blown add-ons like Gods2, Ressurection and MAIM

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