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On this page you'll find links to some of the best Blood sites on the internet. If you have a Blood site that you'd like to add to this list, just email us. You must add a link to the Games Planet main page in return.

The Official Blood Site

This is The Official Blood Site made by Monolith. Here you'll find all of the latest Blood related files to download, and the latest news about Blood. This site has some great images.

The Blood Ladder

If you're a hardcore Blood player, then you simply must go here. This is the #1 Blood Ladder where you can play against some of the best Blood players in the whole world!


This is the best games site on the internet. Gamespot features downloads and information for every single game out there. It's also the place to go for the latest gaming news.

This is one of the most comprehensive Blood sites on the internet. Here you'll find the most map downloads anywhere, tons of Blood links, and level walkthroughs. A must see!

Tempest's Blood Page

This Blood page is packed with info about enemies, weapons, and items. You'll also find lots of maps and even tutorials that will help you make your own Blood maps.

Hank's Blood Page

This Blood page has been named the official place for Blood maps, so if you're looking for the latest and best Blood maps this is the place to go. You'll also find Mapedit help here.

Blood's Unofficial Map Editing Site

This Blood site is the most helpful one that I've seen yet. It contains help on making Blood maps. In a little while, you can be making maps as good as the ones in Blood.

Blood on GamesNET

A well designed Blood site using frames. Here you'll find the latest Blood news, maps, files, secrets and cheats, and links to the best Blood sites out there. Check it out!

Eternal Blood

This is a very informative Blood page that contains essentail things like cheats, good links, the story of Blood, and nice images. Also, this page has a ton of Blood downloads for you.

Arjan's Blood Page

This is the place to go if you're looking for the best Blood maps on the internet. Arjan Van Rossen makes excellent deathmatch and single player maps. Check out his page!

Beavis53's Blood Page

This is a very informative Blood page that has one of the largest collection of Blood maps on the internet. You'll also find the latest info on Blood and some great links.

The Official German Blood Page

A Blood site that is in German. This site also has lots of excellent information about gameplay in Blood, as well as popular files and high quality links.

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