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Yamcha's Pac-man Cartoon Page

When I was a kid I remembered waking up on Saturday Mornings running up to my tv with a bowl of Fruit Loops in one hand a spoon in the other and plopping myself down in front of the ol' boob tube to watch a lil' Pac-man animation. I was a huge Pac-fan as a kid, and I still am today, which leads me to the point. The Pac-man toon was really cool and it was also responsible for spawning off my favorite Pac-man game "Pac-land" (which I now play constantly on my copy of "Namco Musuem Vol. 4" on my Playstation). So here's my gallery of Pac-man stuff for you all to view. Though I may add that finding or making this stuff isn't easy, and if anyone can find me some more pics from the toon or any idea to were I could get copies of the cartoon, I would be very thankful.

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If you know where I can get episodes of the Pac-man cartoon or just want to tell me what you think of my page, drop me a e-mail me at yamcha7@hotmail.comt

However if you, like me want to see the Pac-man toon back on TV e-mail the blokes at Cartoon Network atToonNet@aol.com

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