The Neo-Luddite Home Page

adslfkjjjgahefv ummmmmmmm is this working? Oh. This is working. This is the site of the Neo-Luddite Home Page, or one of them. I'm sure there are others, I just don't know where they are. Here are some links, though:

A John Denver page, because he is cooler than sliced bread.

This links to Utne Reader, the neo-progressive journal that publishes lotsa cool stuff that you can read if you want to.

Click here to smash your computer.

Feel better? Click here to blame someone for it. Meet Rush Limbaugh. Cause he hates technology, too.

Our enemies, although we think they're really cool people, are those Heaven's Gate sci-fi punks. Tell them we said hi, cause we don't do the email thing.

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