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Press Release


  • Date: 2nd to 9th May 1999
  • Venue: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Arena: Kusanagi Stadium

South Korea's Yoo Young Joo
The Event:

Participation at the 18th ABC Championship for Women is open to any member of the ABC in good standing. The number of participants therefore varies at every event. This year's championship will qualify the top finisher of Level I competitions to participate at the 27th Olympic Games to be held in Sydney, Australia from September 16 to October 1, 2000.

The Participants:

Level I - Korea, Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand & Kazakhstan

Level II - Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan and North Korea.

*Lebanon, Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan as confirmed by ABC secretary general Yeoh Choo Hock have pulled out of the event citing reasons such as unavoidable circumstances and depleted lineup due to player injuries.

The Format:

In order to balance the level of competitions, the championship shall be held in two levels -- Level I and Level II.

Taipei weapon Chien Wei-Chuan
Beginning at the 16th Championship, which was also held in Shizuoka, Japan in 1995, the participants had been divided into Level I which consisted of the teams of China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. All the other teams competed in Level II.

The teams in Level I will play one Preliminary Round. The four best placed teams in this round will qualify into the Semi Finals.

The Semi Finals shall consist of matches between the first and fourth placed teams; and second and third placed teams.

The winners and the losers of the Semi Finals will play each other in the Finals for classification from 1st to 4th place.

The standings of the other teams in the Preliminary Round shall be their final standings in the championship.

One round will be played by the remaining 5 teams in Level II. FIBA rules on classification of teams shall apply.

For all subsequent Championships for Women, the teams and the number of teams to be qualified into Level I of the next championship shall be determined by the Women's Commission, using as a basis, their performance at the current championship.

Therefore, the ABC Women's Commission must meet during the ABC Women's Championships.

The Awards:

Level I:

  • 1st Place - Team Trophy plus 16 "gold" medals and flowers
  • 2nd Place - Team Trophy plus 16 "silver" medals and flowers
  • 3rd Place - Team Trophy plus 16 "bronze" medals and flowers

Level II:

  • 1st Place - Team Trophy plus 16 flowers
  • 2nd Place - Team Trophy plus 16 flowers
  • 3rd Place - Team Trophy plus 16 flowers

Results of the Previous Championship:

Japan National team gets gold in Bangkok
Level I:

1st-Korea, 2nd-Japan, 3rd-China, 4th-Chinese Taipei, 5th-Thailand, 6th-Kyrgyzstan.

Level II:

1st-Kazakhstan, 2nd-Malaysia, 3rd-India, 4th-Hong Kong, 5th-Indonesia, 6th-Sri Lanka, 7th-Singapore, 8th-Macau:

Played in Bangkok, Thailand from April 27 - May 5, 1997 at the National Stadium.

Based upon these results, the Women's Commission ruled to elevate Level II champion Kazakhstan to Level I and to relegate Kyrgyzstan to Level II after it finished last in Level I for the current 18th ABC Championship for Women.


Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) is the world governing body of basketball located in Munich, Germany with a current membership of 208 national basketball associations worldwide. FIBA, a non-profit organization, is recognized as the sole authority for basketball by the International Olympic Committee.

ABC or FIBA-Asia:

The Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) is the largest of five zone commissions established to coordinate and promote the development of the sport in Asia throughout the world. The ABC is the Asian regional governing body affiliated to FIBA, located in Kuala Lumpur, with a current membership of 41 national associations/federations across Asia.


Japan Basketball Association is the national association affiliated to the ABC and FIBA. As host association for this championship, JABBA and its satellite organization --Shizuoka Basketball Association-- are responsible for organizing all aspects related to this tournament in conjunction with the ABC.

ABC Clinic:

An ABC "We Teach the Game Clinic" will be held in conjunction with the event details of which will be announced later. Admission is free.

TV Coverage:

China's Miao Lijie
Satellite broadcaster ESPN/Star TV is committed to televising basketball action from the 18th ABC Championship for Women. Host broadcaster for the event is NTV, The following will also be airing the game locally JSkyB, NHK and Shizuoka Broadcasting System. LBCI of Lebanon, China, Chinese Taipei, SBS-Korea and the Philippines will also do telecast of the games.

Official Sponsors:

Molten, Converse, Crystal Geyser, Canon and Seiko

Official Hotel:

Hotel Associa and Hotel Century Shizuoka