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For decades Digital’s PDP-11 computer family has stood the test of time and has been credited as being one of the most stable computing architectures ever developed. Based on a proven technology, the PDP-11 platform found application in a broad range of environments - True Real-time Computing, Process Control and Data Acquisition, Telecommunications, Commercial Systems. A wealth of application software combined with robust operating systems gave the PDP-11 the stability and flexibility to perform superbly across a broad range of industrial implementations.

Amazingly despite the ever increasing rate of technological innovation the stability of the PDP-11 platform has gone virtually unmatched. To this day the ubiquitous PDP-11 continues to thrive as the ‘brain’ of many industrial and commercial applications worldwide.

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Throughout time Mentec has played a key role in supporting PDP-11 system owners worldwide. Working in close partnership with the Digital Equipment CorporationTM, Mentec chose Digital technology to design and supply a family of very high performance single board PDP-11 processors - M Series Boards. Ideally suited to the embedded systems market the development of successive CPU modules from Mentec provided the PDP-11 user with greater and greater levels of processing power while allowing for complete compatibility with all operating software.

Mentec’s current offerings - the M11 and M100 processor boards - carry on in this tradition and supercede the performance of earlier product from both Digital and Mentec alike.

In today’s PDP-11 market Mentec’s board level processors continue to represent the most effective and efficient means by which to upgrade existing platforms and provide the necessary system level performance and reliability that users require. Using the latest in design technology (CAD tools, SMT, through hole etc.) Mentec maintains the ability to custom design board level processors that ensure platform longevity and protection of software investment through 2000 and beyond.

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By the early 90’s Mentec’s reputation for expertise and technological command of PDP-11 systems was well established and in 1993 Digital appointed Mentec as key distributor for PDP products. Keen to provide the full complement of expertise needed to take PDP-11 users into the next century Mentec’s strategy has been to couple hardware design with software development. In 1994 Mentec acquired ownership of the PDP-11 operating systems, networking and layered products from Digital Equipment. Mentec’s PDP-11 software engineers are the industry’s leading experts and as a team are responsible for the continued development and support to the PDP-11 software suite. The strength of the team is evidenced by the recent releases of Year 2000 ready versions of PDP-11 software.

RT-11 V5.7 is ready for shipment. Click here to read about its highlights.

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Since the early 80’s Mentec has been designing PDP-11 hardware, developing PDP-11 software and providing technical consultancy on a worldwide basis. Comprehensive in coverage, Mentec's reputation as the market leader for technical expertise and industry-wide experience has always been well known. In the spring of 1996, Digital Equipment announced its intention to discontinue sales of PDP-11 hardware products. Having already secured the purchase of the PDP-11 Software Business, the announcement effectively sealed Mentec's position as industry leaders in the continuing PDP-11 marketplace.

Through the development of long term partnerships and strategic alliances Mentec is now uniquely positioned to cater for a wide range of PDP-11 needs. The availability of new technologies and industry standard 3rd party system options allows for complete modernization of virtually all PDP-11 systems. With an impressive customer base Mentec configures complete system level upgrade paths. These systems overcome many of the problems associated with running "dated" equipment and offer all the advantages of modern computing - higher performance, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance costs to existing implementations.

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With a 20 year investment in PDP-11 technology and engineering resource Mentec is uniquely positioned to assist in your safe delivery through these times of change. In both hardware and software our PDP-11 engineers are the industry’s experts and have an excellent track record for ensuring total customer satisfaction.

From the hardware through the operating systems and into the application software Mentec can design and implement Year 2000 solutions for your PDP-11 based systems. Simultaneously offering opportunities for performance improvements, modernization, and reduced maintenance costs these solutions allow you to concentrate on your core business objectives and move forward in confidence.

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