Colin Kapp

Colin Kapp

Born 1928. Although Colin Kapp has not enjoyed the success of his early New Worlds contemporaries Brian Aldiss and James White, he has developed quite a cult following, particularly for his Unorthodox Engineers stories and for Transfinite Man (The Dark Mind). He has produced thirty or so short stories, plus eleven novels (four belonging to the Cage World series). His approach to writing is very technical. Taking the same basic plots, situations and characters, he adjusts a variable and sees how the story turns out. In some aspects, this means that there is a soap opera samishness to his stories, but when he gets the variables correct, the stories work remarkably well. There are two major threads in the stories survival through technology and the chaos that lies within the human mind. For the latter see, "Lambda One", Transfinite Man and Patterns of Chaos. For the former try Survival Game, "The Cloud Builders" and the Unorthodox Engineer stories.


Short Fiction & Serials

* Unorthodox Engineers Story


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