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American Beauty
Random Hearts
Lost and Found (vhs)
The Thirteenth Floor (vhs)
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Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Drive Me Crazy
Mystery, Alaska
Three Kings
The Mummy (vhs)
Pushing Tin (vhs)
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Double Jeopardy
Jakob the Liar
The Matrix (vhs)
My Favorite Martian (vhs)
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Blue Streak
Breakfast of Champions
For Love of the Game
The Corruptor (vhs)
The Prince of Egypt (vhs)
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1. Double Jeopardy
$17.2 | $47.4
2. Three Kings
$16.3 | $16.3
3. American Beauty
$8.1 | $18.3
4. Blue Streak
$8.0 | $47.7
5. The Sixth Sense
$7.2 | $234.7
6. Drive Me Crazy
$7.1 | $7.1
7. For Love of The Game
$3.4 | $28.3
8. Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
$3.3 | $3.3
9. Mystery Alaska
$3.1 | $3.1
10. Stigmata
$2.3 | $44.2
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1980 REVIEWS | Click here for SPECIAL EDITION reviews!
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"The root of the problem with The Empire Strikes Back is its complexity." -- Richard A. Blake, AMERICA

"The best sequel since Godfather II." -- Gerald E. Forshey, THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY

"There's no plot." -- Colin L. Westerbeck, Jr., COMMONWEAL

"Unpromising!" -- Richard Combs, MONTHLY FILM BULLETIN

"Lucas has been so preoccupied with the construction of mechanical amazements that he has perhaps forgotten there is more in Homer than epic battles, one-eyed giants, the song of the sirens and the whims of the gods." -- Robert Hatch, THE NATION

"Luca's joke was first-rate!" -- David Denby, NEW YORK

"I felt stretched and terrifically entertained-and convinced!" --THE NEW YORKER

"The Empire Strikes Back is a technological triumph, a cornucopia of intergalactic tchotchkes." -- David Ansen, NEWSWEEK

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May 21, 1980

"Technical virtuosity and entertainment ingenuity." -- David Sterritt, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

"Empire is an excellent addition to the science fiction genre." -- Tom Rogers, FILMS IN REVIEW

"Richly imaginative, engrossing and spectacular motion picture from the redoubtable George Lucas." -- Charles Champlin, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"No amount of lightness, however, can lift this movie out of the swamps of Dagobah." -- Robert Asahina, NEW LEADER

"Far less entertaining than the first!" -- John Coleman, NEW STATESMAN

"Irvin Kershner, has approached his task with an inter-galactic enthusiasm matching that of Lucas himself." -- Archer Winsten, NEW YORK POST

"Empire is simply a minor entertainment." -- Tom Allen, VILLAGE VOICE

"I found myself glancing at my watch almost as often as I did when I was sitting through a truly terrible movie called The Island." -- Vince Canby, NEW YORK TIMES

"Lucas seems to be at the top of his form!" -- Richard Grenier, COMMENTARY

"Diverting piece of nonsense." -- John Simon, NATIONAL REVIEW

"We won't be bored." -- Janet Maslin, NEW YORK TIMES

"A dramatic illustration of the continued technical brilliance and leadership of the Lucas production team." -- Gary Arnold, WASHINGTON POST

"It's impossible to imagine a person leaving the theatre feeling like he didn't get his money's worth." -- Jimmy Summers, BOX OFFICE MAGAZINE

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ROTTEN. The novelty has worn off; terrible ending.

While Luke takes advanced Jedi training from Yoda, his friends are relentlessly pursued by Darth Vader as part of his plan to capture Luke.

Cast: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Frank Oz
Director: Irvin Kershner
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG

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