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American Beauty
Random Hearts
Lost and Found (vhs)
The Thirteenth Floor (vhs)
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Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Drive Me Crazy
Mystery, Alaska
Three Kings
The Mummy (vhs)
Pushing Tin (vhs)
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Double Jeopardy
Jakob the Liar
The Matrix (vhs)
My Favorite Martian (vhs)
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Blue Streak
Breakfast of Champions
For Love of the Game
The Corruptor (vhs)
The Prince of Egypt (vhs)
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1. Double Jeopardy
$17.2 | $47.4
2. Three Kings
$16.3 | $16.3
3. American Beauty
$8.1 | $18.3
4. Blue Streak
$8.0 | $47.7
5. The Sixth Sense
$7.2 | $234.7
6. Drive Me Crazy
$7.1 | $7.1
7. For Love of The Game
$3.4 | $28.3
8. Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
$3.3 | $3.3
9. Mystery Alaska
$3.1 | $3.1
10. Stigmata
$2.3 | $44.2
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"A big, exciting comic book for kids of all ages who have been weaned on nothing better!" -- Lenny Rubenstein, CINEASTE

"Don't see this unless you have already seen at least the original Star Wars film, for Lucas doesn't waste time in this concluding episode with character development of all those familiar humans and creatures." -- James M. Wall, THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY

"The old Star Wars gang are back doing what they've done before, but this time with a certain evident boredom." -- Vincent Canby, NEW YORK TIMES

"If the revels of Star Wars are indeed now ended, Jedi couldn't have been a better resolution for them!" -- Philip Strick, MONTHLY FILM BULLETIN

"Lucas obviously has problems topping his previous work." -- Robert Asahina, NEW LEADER

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May 25, 1983

"Return of the Jedi wraps up the Star Wars trilogy with a bang by delivering everything audiences expect and more." -- Jimmy Summers, BOXOFFICE MAGAZINE

"Jedi couldn't end the Star Wars trilogy on a happier note!" -- Gary Arnold, WASHINGTON POST

"Every scene meets the movie's generally high standard!" -- David Sterritt, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

"Jedi is downright repetitive!" -- David Ansen, NEWSWEEK

"The film is often ineptly paced and structured, almost invariably lacks focus, and overuses mechanical models, with glaring deference to action scenes over acting scenes." -- Gregory Solman, FILMS IN REVIEW

"It bursts with new inventiveness!" -- Sheila Benson, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Resoundingly hallow and rootless!" -- John Coleman, NEW STATESMAN

"Let's not pretend we're watching art!" -- Rex Reed, NEW YORK POST

"The actors appear as exhausted as we feel by the end of the movie." -- Joseph Gelmis, NEWSDAY

"It's time for George Lucas to move on and excite use in some wholly new way!" -- David Denby, NEW YORK

"An impersonal and rather junky piece of moviemaking!" --THE NEW YORKER

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ROTTEN. Repetitive, uninspired, and incohesive.

Han Solo is imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt, the Empire is building a new Death Star, and Luke hasn't finished his Jedi training.

Cast: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels,
Director: Richard Marquand
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG

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