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Welcome to the Doomoscope, a site about Doom 1&2 and their external wads for solo play.
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The Doomoscope Gazette n° 3 - March 19 1999

Special Sverre Andre Kvernmo

Hi Doomers, after some month of death, this new issue of the Gazette is dedicated to an author of wads, Sverre Andre Kvernmo. The previous issues are still available: Gazette n° 2 - Gazette n° 1 - Gazette n° 0

Sverre Andre Kvernmo is one of the author of wads in the Master Levels published by ID Software. This issue of the Gazette is dedicated to him because all the new reviews are reviews of his wads. This includes all the wads of the cabal series and the wads of the Master Levels. If you want more details about the Master Levels and Sverre Andre Kvernmo, consult the Unofficial Master Levels FAQ.

About Sverre Andre Kvernmo, there is also the mega-wad, Eternal where he did three levels. And in the Gallery, I corrected an error that saw Sverre Andre Kvernmo, I wrote that his wads of the cabal series have no difficulty settings, this isn't true and now this is corrected in the part of the Gallery, Historical Wads more exactly in the subpart named "The Doom 2 golden year".


The Highlights

External highlights

Some month ago Andreas Lange has corrected his wad Spider. He removed all the HOM bugs and also a problem in the progression. Now this is just a great wad and the review of Spider and its rate have been updated. For mention this author has a site at

Internal highlights

The archive's url of some wads reviewed have been corrected, these wads are Amok11t, Darkside, Hmine2, Makdoom3, Reclaim and the MacDoom archive for Surmont.

The Contact page was a form which didn't work anymore, I removed it and now the Contact index is just a link to send me an email.

I'm not enough involved in Doom stuff to be able to update links on other sites so the Links Browser isn't available anymore.

The OldNews, was old stuff so I removed it. This will be replaced by the collection of the previous issues of the Gazette.

The Help page wasn't useful and wasn't up to date so I removed it.

The best wads recently reviewed

Blacktwr by S.A.Kvernmo

Cabal6 by S.A.Kvernmo

Other reviews of Wads

* Mephisto by S.A.Kvernmo
* Teeth by S.A.Kvernmo
* Cabal1 by S.A.Kvernmo
* Cabal5 by S.A.Kvernmo
* Bloodsea by S.A.Kvernmo
* Cabal2 by S.A.Kvernmo
* Cabal3 by Kvernmo&G.Hyne
* Cabal4 by S.A.Kvernmo

Doomoscope's Future

Now I'm involved in another site so I haven't a lot of time for the Doomoscope and I won't update it often. But suprisingly I still have fun to play sometimes Doom levels so I'll add some reviews anyway but more probably for classical old wads or classical or well-known authors more than for recent wads or recent authors.

Cabal7 by S.A.Kvernmo


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