The Food Timeline
Ever wonder what the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Dolly Madison made her ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why? Food is the fun part of social studies! The tricky part is finding recipes you can make in a modern kitchen, with ingredients bought at your local supermarket and bring into school to share with your class. This page is for you! We are also stocking up on teacher and parent resources. Bon appetit.
maize & spelt---6000BC---
pasta & chili peppers---5000BC---
olives & cheese---4000BC---
watermelon & onions---3000BC---

marshmallows & figs---2000BC---
peanuts & cacao---1500BC---

chewing gum---400BC---
ice cream---200BC---

pretzels---6th Century---

english muffins---1000---
carrots & strawberries---1000 ---
parmesan cheese---1200---

hot dogs---1484---

pineapples in Europe---1493---

tomatoes in Europe---1544---
potatoes in Europe---1553---

coffee in Europe---1615---

candy canes---1670---
cranberries/New Jersey---1680---

soda water---1767---

Mandarin oranges/Europe---1805---
canned food---1815---

Graham crackers---1829---
Worcestershire Sauce---1835---

Corn starch ---1842---
chocolate candy---1847---

lobster trapping---1850---
potato chips---1853---

jelly beans---1861---

Campbell's Soup---1869---

Ice cream sodas---1874---

Heinz Ketchup---1876---
Premium Saltines---1876---

hamburgers & Dr Pepper---1885---
Coca Cola---1886---
pizza as we know it---1889---
peanut butter---1890---
Cracker Jack---1893---
Hershey bars---1894---
Tootsie Rolls---1896---
Texas sweet onions---1898---

Animal Crackers---1902---
Ice cream cones---1903---

Kellogg's Corn Flakes---1906---

Oreo cookies---1913---

Moon pies & Marshmallow Fluff---1917---
Fortune cookies---1918---
Good Humor Ice Cream---1920---
Wheaties & White Castle---1921---

frozen foods---1924---
Ritz Crackers---1934---
SPAM luncheon meat---1937---

M & Ms & Cheerios---1941---
seedless watermelon---1949---

TV Dinners---1954---
McDonald's restaurant---1955---


Pop Tarts & Buffalo Wings---1964---
Gatorade ---1965---

tomatoes in space---1984---
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---1000BC---Ancient Greece

---1st Century---Ancient Rome
---37---Ancient Rome, selected by Marcus Gavius Apicius

---700-1100---Viking era, food for exploration

---14th Century---Medieval gingerbread from A Boke of Gode Cookery
---1390---Tart in Ember Day from The Forme of Cury
---1386---Chaucerian Cookery, feasts!
---1395---French Coronation Feast, from Le Menagier de Paris
---1430---Pears in syrup, from Potage Dyvers

---1492---Christopher Columbus, old world cuisine

---16th Century France---French flan, from The Viandier

---1588---English pastry, from The Good Huswifes Handmaid for Cookerie in her Kitchen
---17th Century London--- evening meal, served at a local public house
---1607---Jamestown settlers ate pottage (p. 20)

---1621---Pilgrim Thanksgiving, including food for a harvest feast
and Native American Sautauthig

---18th Century Canada---French Canadian fare from the Fortress of Louisbourg. The Voyageurs ate pemmican
---1732---Colonial Virginia cuisine, from Prospect Hill Inn
---1742---Bean soup & Shoofly pie, from the Amish
---1754---Colonial Williamsburg, from The Compleat Housewife

---1777---Valley Forge, firecakes
---1796---Indian pudding, from Amelia Simmon's American Cookery
---1800--- New England seafood: New Bedford, MA & Mystic, CT

---1815---Thomas Jefferson's Monticello muffins & Dolly Madison's ice cream

---1836---Wedding menu, from America's heartland
---1840---Oregon Trail, pioneer recipes

---1849---California Gold Rush sourdough bread requires"starter"

---1860---Cakes, from Godey's Lady's Book
---1861-1865---Civil War, hardtack & johnnie cakes, desserts

---1866---Chuck wagon stew, Texas cowboy food

---1873---American cuisine, from Miss Beecher's Housekeeper and Healthkeeper cookbook

---1875---Kentucky Derby brunch, a Louisville tradition

---1880---Blueberry pudding, from Mrs. Parola's New Cook Book

---1896---Military field bread, U.S. Manual for Army Cooks

---1900---Sour cream cookies, from Aunt Kate's notebook

---1904---Ginger Ale Salad, from the Jell-O Cookbook

---1914---ANZAC biscuits

---1918---World War I, recipes from the Doughboy Cookbook
---1920s--Soda fountain treats, shakes & malts

---1922---Original Homebaked Girl Scout Cookies

---1924---Caesar salad

---1938---The Great Depression, Good Things to Eat, by Gleaners of First Christian Church, New Castle, Indiana

---1949---Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest, Theodora Smafield's No-Knead Water-Rising Twists
---1950s--casseroles, from Meal-Master

---1958---Navy bean soup & other U.S. Navy traditions

---1960---Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

---1999---Space food, NASA's astronaut menus

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