Everyone: RemindMe will send you email before your friends' birthdays; TowZone will alert you before your car gets towed for street cleaning; Scorecard will tell you whether your neighborhood is polluted.

Kids: The ArsDigita Foundation will give you $10,000 for developing and maintaining a tasteful non-commercial Web service.

Nerds: Learn how to use our open-source toolkits for community sites and ecommerce. The software is free and we wrote a whole book (also free) explaining how to use it. If you are in a hurry to learn, come to one of our 3-week boot camp (starts October 4 or November 29). Free soda, the warm glow of a 21" monitor, and camaraderie. If we get along, you can start working at ArsDigita.

Poor Web Publishers: Our free services will add collaboration to your Web site without you having to install or maintain a relational database management system.

Rich Web Publishers: Challenge us with your innovative Web service idea. Our core business is Web development and hosting.

Confused? Look at our site map.

September 1999: We're up to 40 people now, with new contracts that push our annualized revenue over $10 million.

August 1999: Everyone here gets five weeks of vacation and lots of people went away in August. But it didn't keep us from training 35 new developers in boot camp.

July 1999: We launch www.infirmation.com. Release 1.6 of our toolkit is looking good (see the version history). We admit to ourselves that we're going to have to get more aggressive about hiring. We start taking applications for a boot camp in August.

June 1999: We award the first annual ArsDigita Prize. We hire our 25th programmer. We launch boot camps simultaneously at Hewlett-Packard Corvallis and in Boston.

May 1999: We release version 1.5 of our toolkit, which includes an Oracle-backed chat module. Try it out at photo.net or read the docs.

April 1999: The Society for Thoracic Surgeons certifies our outsourced electronic medical record system, developed for iMedix. Sixteen vendors (e.g., TenFold) attempted to build a compliant system. Each assigned a large programming staff in the summer of 1998. A couple of programmers here started (from our toolkit) in November 1998 and our system was certified before the other vendors even applied for testing. In other news, we open our Los Angeles office, led by Aurelius Prochazka, a Caltech PhD with whom we've worked since June 1998.

March 1999: We release version 1.3 of the ArsDigita Community System, with greatly improved admin pages.

February 1999: The Boston office begins teaching a course on software engineering at MIT. As a consequence, we're able to more easily hire and train new people.

December 1998: We announce The ArsDigita Prize, which will encourage and help young people to develop interesting non-commercial Web services. We release our Year 2000 statement.

November 1998: We open our San Francisco office, led by Bruce Keilin. We move our Cambridge office to larger quarters at 603 Franklin Street.

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