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Hey Mr. Bob Dylan, play a song for me!

Hey guys, how 'ya doin'!!!

My name is Cynthia Marie Winkler, and this is my homepage. I have finally graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo! I have a degree in Speech Communication.

I am a huge Bob Dylan freak. He is the best songwriter I know. I also really like the Beatles, but there are already millions of webpages about them. Well, Bob Dylan had better hair than the Beatles did. I find the young Bob Dylan to be extremely cute and I like his blue eyes and pouty mouth very much. The above picture show displays Mr. Dylan in all his glory.

I'm not going to have a bunch of FAQs, setlists, discographies, and lyrics of Bob here, because there are plenty of other excellent sites that have exactly that, I have links to a few here and the rest you can find in Yahoo. What I have is fun stuff concerning our favorite folksinger. :)


I am holding a Bob Dylan look alike contest! This is open to men of all ages, if you think you resemble Bob Dylan send me your gif or jpeg to The winners will be displayed on my site and I'll make one of those nice little rewards to put on your site if you have one. If you don't have a website, I don't know what your prize will be. The best one gets to be my boyfriend! :) If this contest gets a good response, I have a Bob Dylan sound-alike contest next!

Here are my links:

The Adventures of Bobby Dylweed A satire of Bob Dylan's life. The "Bobby Dylweed" stories are posted weekly on the newsgroup which I (heh heh) post to quite a bit. If you miss any stories, they will be archived on this page.
Bob Dylan midi files
Paperdolls of the young Bob Dylan
Dylan lyrics improved with the word UNDERPANTS

I have changed the background, hopefully this one is easier to read. It is the beautiful blue photo used for Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits. I love it, it gives such a cool and relaxing look to this site!

I am also very interested in the British Royal Family. My favorite royal is Prince Charles. Go ahead and visit this page, it'll be maahhhhvelous!

When you're finished looking around, please fill out my survey.

What is your favorite Bob Dylan song?

Other Bob Dylan links:

The very first Bob Dylan webpage Bringing It All Back Homepage
I am proud to be at the top of the list of Boblinks!
Nifty concert posters for sale ,including some of Bob and Joan.
My God Is A Jewish Harmonica Player
Downloaded Dylans or A Bunch of Dylans Everybody must get cloned!
Pick up on your Bread Crumb Sins An Italian based site.
Buy Bob Dylan CDs right here! CDnow
Here's VH1's website. Has some info on Bob and others.

Here's some other stuff I'm kind of interested in.

B'harnee is Evil Incarnate
Read about my *favorite* TV show, "Dobie Gillis"
Bob Online Not Dylan, but a stickman.
Pieman's Home Page

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Bob Dylan: Inner Vision
Bob Dylan: Inner Vision

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Like I said this page is under construction. But you knew that.

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