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october 11, 1999 is redesigned. Love it? Hate it? Feedback! A few thoughts:

You can now modify the look and feel of this site. Currently, there are three interfaces to choose from (the default one you are seeing right now, a text-only one, and the original interface) with more to come.

I took out the "fun meter". Nobody knew what it was, and I was tired of updating it anyway.

There really isn't any new content per se, but I added a few sections to the main nav and organized things a little bit.

0sil8 is new as well, but it just points right back here. However, I think it's worth the trip just to play with the neat little JavaScript flippy thing.

october 9, 1999
New Epinion: my review of the 2000 VW Jetta. Short version: this car is smart and sexy.

I reviewed The Sixth Sense as well.

october 8, 1999
Except for a couple of gaps, casting for The Fellowship of the Ring is done.

Like Cam, I'm going to start writing more Epinions. However, I'm going to try to make them as short as I can so that: a) people can quickly digest the epinion without having read a novel-length tome; and b) I don't have to spend every waking hour writing reviews of stuff.

I saw Three Kings last night. Read my review on Epinions (short version: I liked it).

Bump: "No single computer platform is well developed and robust enough at this point that I would be proud to defend it with the emotional vigor that I see on the net every day." Amen, brother.

october 7, 1999
A new(-ish) weblog by Leonard, just the way I like them: not too deep, but not too shallow.

What would happen to the Internet economy (e-conomy?) if San Francisco were hit by a major earthquake? Last time a biggie struck (in 88 or 89, I think), the phone system there was all goofed up for days, the power was out, the whole magilla. I would assume that all the big kids (Yahoo!, eBay, etc.) have mirror sites around the globe and would not be affected too much, but what about all the smaller sites...not to mention the purchasing power of the Bay Area being offline for a few days?

The first Web site.

october 6, 1999
New issue of Tasty Bits from the Technology Front.

I'm once again cheating on the Time Digital 50 Poll. #2 and climbing.

october 5, 1999
Through hard work, patience, and a lot of cheating (thanks Jesse), I've worked my way up to #1 on the Time Digital 50 Poll. Two questions: how much longer is Time Digital going to let this foolishness go on, and how long is it going to be before Slashdot gets ahold of this and propels Linus (or CmdrTaco) to the top of the list?

Forbes has a nice feature on Google. Fluffy, but nice.

Well, it looks like someone over at Time Digital finally looked at the results of their poll and is trying to do something about it. They've reset it and fixed the HTML posting problem, but they haven't fixed the multiple votes per person problem. So, vote away! As many times as you want!

october 4, 1999
Tons of stuff going on, sorry for the lack of updates.

I'm normally not a big fan of the whole birthday/Christmas/holiday gift giving process (precisely because it is a process), but I got one of the neatest gifts ever from my Mom. She found my old copy of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (one of my favorite books as a kid) in a box in the garage, wrapped it up, and gave it to me. It was just what I wanted.

Coming soon from the Fox Network: a retrospective of World Wars 1 and 2 called "When Germans Attack".

I'm now the proud owner (at least for 3 years) of a 1900 Volkswagen Jetta...if you believe the temporary license stuck to the back window. A bit of a Y2K problem at the dealership. But I absolutely love the's black and even has a six-disc CD changer in the trunk. Happiness is good music on demand. According to my roommate, I'm now offically backslash dot com all day long.

Phil Greenspun visits Minnesota. Other travelogues are also available on his Web site.

Some reader feedback: "Your site sucks. You're the dumbest fuckin' poser I've ever heard of. Go kill yourself." Ahhh...that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

october 2, 1999
OK people, the time for swift action has come. Lance Arthur is #1 on Time Digital's Digital 50 Poll. Jason Kottke is stuck at 8th. You need to vote for me. Vote more than once if you'd like. That is all.

And remember, a vote for Jason is a vote for yourself.

october 1, 1999
A listing of the 100 bottom films on Internet Movie Database. Space Mutiny, a movie I've never heard of, tops the list. The trivia notes for this movie say that "all space-battle footage [in the movie] is from the TV series 'Battlestar Galactica'". Hee hee. Surprisingly, I've not seen any of the "films" on this list.

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