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Welcome to the world of LibbyMac. I just added the picture you see to give you a better understanding what I am about. I absolutely HATE those so-called rape pics that show a woman in high heels and loving every minute of her rape. I saw this picture and it turned me on... so there you have it.

I am having a blast writing for you all... and your feedback means a lot. I haven't responded to everyone because I am busy with my "normal" life. But keep writing. AND PLEASE sign the guest book!

This will be adult in nature, meaning sex. Not just sex, but rape. So consider this your WARNING!

I seriously mean this. If you have a problem with this, but NOT the first amendment, I suggest you just apply some of that freedom and leave. If you feel an obligation of report me, you are merely saying that what you have to say is much more important than what I have to say. This qualifies you as a snob and intolerant. You can write all the hate mail to me you want, but please remember that there are always going to be things like this in the world. You might as well get used to it.

Please feel free to email questions, comments, suggestions AND hate mail.

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A lot of you are writing to me and saying that you might like to try writing something for me. If you do, that is great! And I would even like to put it up here on my page somewhere! However, Libby is working with limited technology. If you could email me your texts (y'know... cut and paste), it would make it much easier for me to post them.

A word of warning, though. I am more interested in realistic rape scenes... nothing X-files and I'm not a huge fan of gore and mutilation. A few stories have come my way like that, and that is fine. But if you are trying to get to me, realistic rape--- HARD CORE FUCKING ---is what I like. Oh, and please don't make the women "get into it". What a let down.

Also, if there are a few of you out there that have a true story of raping or being raped (or someone you know), I would LOVE to hear about it... totally anonymous. Trust Libby.

Someone wrote and said they would like to know what kind of gal I am. I added some information to round out the picture.
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Darashinai Onna
[part one]
[part two]
[part three]
[part four]

The Lion
by Mike C. Squared
(There is more coming with this!)
[chapter one]
[chapter two]
[chapter three]
[chapter four]
[chapter five]
[chapter six]
[chapter seven]
[chapter eight]


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Libby Pays
by Allen
(Yours Truly gets her due!)
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The Assignment
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The Sign in the Subway
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Rape For Hire
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Gail's Story
(how fucked is this folks, I am using my best friend as a victim!)
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The Poker Game
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